Well…Scarlett O’Hara Did It!

AZUL Mireille Garnet_001

AZUL Mireille Garnet_006

Scarlett ran down that magnificent staircase, after Rhett Butler, in her drab black mourning gown after being dumped! Well, I am running down my staircase beautifully attired in my AZUL Mireille Gown in Garnet chasing my man..smiles! That color against the skin is just irresistibly attractive and the gown exquisite! The strapless bodice frames the décolletage perfectly like a beautiful portrait. The skirt bellows romantically out from a fitted waist making my dash so dramatic and memorable! Behind the back there are attached black roses that makes the back as eye catching as the front and match those of the hat!

Jauntily perched upon my head is the matching hat with the attached veil. Makes pouting, crying, and plotting look so appealing and hides puffy eyes! This amazing gown comes in several colors and includes black lace gloves, not shown, that match the lace of the veil. Your Mireille Gown awaits you at AZUL!

You ask why I am chasing after him…sniff sniff…he cut off my charge privileges !!!! Cries harder!

photographer and model….me
AZUL Mireille Gown in Garnet
IE-Stairs to the Stars Prop



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