The Bride Was White

DoF Mischa Gown_004 R1

DoF Mischa Gown_005 R1

DoF Mischa Gown_003 R1

DoF Mischa Gown_006 R1

Porcelain white skin is revered  by many and protected from the rays and trips down aisle 12  for suntan lotion, smiles!!! Throughout the centuries women went to great lengths to obtain naturally or by trickery such a skin as mine! Vamp you ask? Nevah!  A vamp never looked this good in the light and, laughs, death does not become me!

What better way to accent my porcelain pallor than a white wedding dress! Demise of Flight Mischa Gown, in cream, accents my skin tone perfectly!!!  The gown’s classic silhouette gives me many options for styling. The Mischa can be a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress, an evening gown, a prom dress…many different types and it comes in several colors! I love the mermaid shape and the triple flounce layers. I am not a traditional bride as you can see! I carry my GizzA Frog Handkeys instead of flowers to remind me that my prince charming was a frog…smiles. If you want styling options and a very pretty gown, Demise of Flight Mischa Gown will make you beautiful for your special day or event!

photographer and model….me

Demise of Flight Mischa Gown
GizzA Epaulette Set
GizzA Frog Handkeys
ZC Nizam Choodiya Bangles)
P.C; Diamonds and Pearl Ring
Boudoir Madam Pompadour Hair Powder
MANDALA POLLY head Corsage/White


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