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The Romance of Villa Anatra….A Villa by Maven Homes

Villa Anatra Home Picture_002

Villa Anatra Home Picture_006

Villa Anatra 7-1-13_004                   Villa Anatra 7-1-13_006

Villa Anatra_010

Villa Anatra_012

Villa Anatra 7-1-13_007

Villa Anatra Home Picture_008

Villa Anatra 7-1-13_002

Villa Anatra 7-1-13_005

Villa Anatra_003

Villa Anatra_004

Villa Anatra_006

I was intrigued by the name…Anatra means duck in Italian! The Villa Anatra has such a grandiose presence…it is truly special!

The front façade has a three arch entrance veranda as its graceful centerpiece. Golden limestone that has gently aged through time adorns the elegant exterior walls of the villa.  Above the verandah, a carved stone balustrade balcony crowns its regally! The villa’s exterior corner edges are decorated with white quoins as accents that adds to the allure of Villa Anatra. This along with the red color of the terra cotta tile roof begins your seduction….making you want to open the wooden door that is surrounded by palladium windows with a transom top and on either side of the door 2 delightfully large outside black lanterns to illuminate her beauty at night. The Villa is designed in such a way with many windows that affords you and your guests equally spectacular views in all directions of your land, no matter which room you are in!

As you enter, you are blown away with the look of the tiled breezeway that connects the living spaces of the villa! It also leads to the outside back courtyard that has an amazing fountain for your pleasure and the villa’s pet duck swimming happily in it! The mixed terra cotta tile of the floor and the magnificent stone and marble of the adjacent balustrade grand staircase cannot help but to impress the most jaded of visitors.

As I walked through Villa Anatra, I had the exciting opportunity to talk to her designer, Cain Maven! He is a supremely talented designer/creator and when speaking of his designs you cannot help but to notice the infectious passion he has for them ! Mr. Maven told me and I quote “I wanted to create something in the tradition of the Italian Renaissance, particularly the ideals and principles of Andrea Palladio. I also wanted to use mesh technology to create a level of detail that is not possible with prims. It turned out to be a lot of work, but I’m fairly happy with the result.”

As you can see from the pictures, he has succeeded! If you cannot tell by now, I am in LOVE with the Villa Anatra!!! You must take the below limo to Maven homes and see Villa Anatra in person!

As you look above you at the huge fire lit chandelier, the fantastic molding of the ceilings above, the cathedral arches, the coffered ceilings of the rooms, the Tuscan Columns, and corridors, you are swept away to another time! The archway of the doors, the decorative trim along the walls and the half columns that form gorgeous marble arches upon the walls that are spaced along the upper and lower level middle section of the walls,  you find yourself impressed by the old world charm of the villa and feel instantly an affinity for her, smiling, the villa is drawing you in with her beauty and you can’t help yourself! On the main level you have the Living, Dining, Study Rooms, the Kitchen, and the beautiful long corridor leading from the breezeway. There are also 2 large fireplaces, downstairs, in the villa. Upstairs, you have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The floors are exquisitely covered in dark Parquet Wood and the bathrooms are Sandstone tiled. The master bedrooms on either end of the corridor both have entrances that lead to the front balcony. The villa is spacious and very well made. There are none of those jagged edges anywhere or alignments problems. The home is perfect for entertaining and gracious living! Standing from the upper corridor overlooking the breezeway, pride of ownership will make you smile. You too will fall under the spell of the Villa Anatra and be romanced by her!

Below are some basic facts about the Villa Anatra as supplied by her designer!

Land Impact: 774
Size: 47m x 49 m
Recommended parcel: 8192 sq.m. or larger

• 4 bedrooms
• 2 bathrooms
• Living room
• Dining room
• Study
• Kitchen

• 2 Fireplaces
• Kitchen chairs with animated poses
• Bath tubs with animated poses
• Duck

• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Privacy mode (one-way windows)
• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lockable doors
• Doors can be set to open automatically

The recommended parcel size is just a recommendation; please verify that your parcel is large enough and supports the necessary land impact before purchase. Please keep in mind that you will need capacity for furnishing and landscaping as well.


The Villa Anatra by Maven Homes

The Sultan’s Bride and Image Essentials

IE - Sultan's Bride_002

IE - Sultan's Bride_003

IE - Sultan's Bride_005

The Sultan’s bride, a Chinese Princess, is being given in marriage to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, as a political pawn to help cement the two warring countries in peace and the nuptials were to be carried out within the next few days. The princess was assigned a slave girl, who was beautiful, smart, and more exquisite than her mistress! The slave girl slept outside her princess’ rooms each night.  During the day, when the sultan came to visit her mistress, the slave girl made sure , he saw her.  That night as she laid upon her rug, she could hear the shrieks of her mistress as to why the wedding had to be postpone! When the sultan came from the room he looked at her and smiled. Later that day as she carried out her duties in caring for her mistress, a wondrous golden handkerchief, unlike anything she has ever seen in her, life was being delivered upon a golden tray! It had tiny seed pearls and small topazes sewn upon its border edges. Everyone was in suspense as who would be the favorite that night. The messenger handed it her…as she was the chosen one for that evening! She was not a part of the sultan’s harem, just a mere slave girl. The gasps and the whispering among the other slaves, as the gossip quickly spread about her throughout the palace and among the harem, as a slave girl has beens chosen, unheard of! Soon  some hurried to curry favor from HER! Smiling…Oh the stories and pictures you can make up with amazing props, especially those made by Kay Weston of Image Essentials! I admit I got carried away, but her Sultan’s Bride Rug Prop was fun to pose upon and it put all kinds of ideas in my head! It is a patterned rug that has pillows strewn at one end and copper decanter. In the style of the Arabian nights. It has 3 pose positions, which I have taken the pictures of. This awesome prop can be yours for a mere 50 lindens!!! At Kay’s store, Image Essentials, there’s a fifty linden wall for some amazing prop, including this! Take the below magic carpet to Image Essentials and stock up on props for your pictures and stories! Excellent made props and poses give life to our pictures in Second Life. Now’s the time to buy quality and quantity!!!

Speaking of which, there’s a also a sale at Image Essentials!!!

It’s weekend sale time at Image Essentials and this weekend there is something for the guys and something for the girls.

For the Guys –
50% off the Wooden Chair Set – now $75L

For the Girls –
50% off the Women’s Lay Set – Now $150 (set only)

Textures –
50% off The Dark Waters Texture Set – Now $110 (full pack only)
( Please note: You will be charged full price but receive 50% back after your purchase. )

These items are now available in the new Discounted / Sale section on the ground floor of Image Essentials.

Photographer and model…me
The Sultan’s Bride Rug Prop by Kay Weston, Image Essentials

Aboard The Orient Express in Baboom Chic

Baboom Solea Dress

Baboom Summer Necklace Set Maddy Purse and Summerhat Blue

When one travels, one is so very confined as to what you can bring. The porter scoffed at having to load my 10 trunks and I told him that is my light packing! I had maid pack the new deliveries from Baboom.  I have just returned to my  luxurious double cabin state room aboard the famed Orient Express! I had dressed earlier for breakfast about an hour ago, but the train will be soon stopping and I want to leave the train  fashionably attired.  Since I am on holiday,  I am limited to being able to change only 8 times a day!  My maid is traveling with us, and she has laid out for me to wear the new Solea Dress by Baboom.  Solea is a 2 tone aqua green and sky blue maxi dress. It has a one shoulder aqua green tank top style bodice which shows off my nicely toned arms perfectly! All that tennis, you know! On the body of the dress there is a image of a beautiful muse and the floor length skirt is a solid blue.  Where is maid when I need her!!!  I have to spritz my own perfume!!  She is probably trying to pick up one of the porters again….at least she remembered to lay out my accessories.  Baboom has introduce a new purse called the Maddy Mesh Handbag, which comes in 7 delightful summer colors! It is so cute and compact size! Maid just have to come and carry my makeup! My maid has also chosen, from among my jewelry, my new Baboom Summer Turquois Necklace and Earring Set.  I am horrible at dressing my self…where is she! At least the girl put out my matching Summer Hat Blue before she filled her head with thoughts of chasing men!  Pouts petulantly…my shoes are missing! We are passing the famous Le Fournil Du Village, in Montmartre…. they have the most divine sandwiches there!  I wont be able to manage all of this alone…oh well the train waited 5  hours for me to come …they just have to wait until I am dressed fully in my new Baboom chic Solea Dress and matching accessories!

Your curb side limo awaits you to Baboom!

photographer and model……me

Solea Mesh Dress and Summer Hat Blue by Baboom
Maddy Mesh Handbag by Baboom
Summer Necklace and Earrings Set by Baboom
Shoes included but not shown by Baboom

The Goddess Of Love Desired Them….

Paisley Daisy and In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator Goddess_005

Paisley Daisy and In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator Goddess_003

The goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality, having grown temporarily bored with the intrigues, the lust, and the regular mayhem that generally reigned upon Mount Olympus, turned her attention to earth. Having spied the object of her desire, her heart began to flutter and to beat with a deep-seated longing. She contrived to pick a fight so as to be sent away to be near her love.  As she had anticipated, for punishment she was banished to earth for a time out. She had to sate the raging need that burned within her and she hurriedly procured for herself… Paisley Daisy’s Elie Saab “influenced” Sheer Pink lavender leaf Gown and In Memory of Watermelon fascinator! As she covered her nakedness with her new found loves she felt the gentle breeze of the garden pass through the sheerness of her pink and lavender gown. The coloring was a perfect foil for her prized alabaster skin. The Paisley Daisy’s Sheer Pink lavender leaf Gown was so appropriate for an afternoon delight in the garden! The cut of the bodice highlighted her delicate and feminine shaped shoulders and emphasized her neck. She was in ecstasy admiring herself in her gown! Her hat was very appropriate for her, smiling, as watermelons are used as natural aphrodisiacs! As she donned her new chapeau, she was in love…with herself! The In Memory of Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey is a succulent juicy red ripe watermelon upon a beautifully adorned diamond tray that now was hers, satisfying her heart’s envy for the unobtainable. What an exquisite, amazing, creation fit for a goddess! As she continue to preen and fill her own head with thoughts of her own praise of her beauty in her new finery, she finally looked around for someone to work her charm upon and then she realized that she had been banished to the garden of no inhabitants!

The In Memory of Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey has been created for Art in Hats and Hats in Art Exhibit and is available for purchase there through July 28th.

Photographer and

Paisley Daisy’s Elie Saab “influenced” Sheer Pink lavender leaf Gown
In Memory of Watermelon fascinator by Chop Zuey

Paisley Daisy

Art in Hats and Hats in Arts Exhibit

When A House Is Not A Home

AZUL Rachel_002 r1

House hat_001R1

Smiles, a house is not a home… when it is a hat!!! I found this really phenomenal hat at the Art in Hats, Hats in Art Exhibit that runs thru July 28th. You should enjoy your style…after all style is not just what we put on our bodies whether pixel or real, but a way of life! As I ran around the grid in my AZUL Rachel-Sapphire Miss Portugal MMV2013 Gown, which comes in several colors, with a black delicate lace patterned bodice and matching arm lace that billow out to romantic looking lace trimmed chiffon sleeves. The silhouette of the gown is a body skimming column that clings to your curves with a long flowing attached uneven scalloped edge hem chiffon skirt. There is also a silver collar trimmed in the same chiffon of the skirt which you can wear with the dress or without and an optional full ball gown skirt. I received many compliments and comments about being different. Sl is a place where we can express our individual creativity being anything or wearing whatever we choose. There are far more worse things than wearing an exceptional piece of art upon your head with a beautiful dress to ponder over in sl or anywhere else. The pose I chose what, I have a house on my head! A house is not a home when it is sitting exquisitely upon my head! Enjoy the world of your making in SL!

Btw…the hat is free. It comes with a costume that is given away at the ART IN HATS-HATS IN ART Exhibit.

Photographer and model…me

AZUL Rachel-Sapphire Miss Portugal MMV2013
House Hat by MeiloCapCat

Lady On The Go

VERO MODERO Suki Dress Zebra_008 r2

Vero Modero has just released a fantastic animal print sheath dress name Suki Tiger. It is one of those dresses that can be dressed up or down with just a change of accessories and take you through many social summer events for the lady on the go! The tan, white, and black print of the dress make it very flattering and a must have for your summer wardrobe needs! Included but not shown are the epaulets, which gives you another style option look for this gorgeous dress . Animal prints are all over the summer fashion scene for this season. This dress is part of the collection for I’m Not Your Toy” Charity Event.

Information for the I’m Not Your Toy” Charity Event can be found here..

I have this really cool set of poses called Pop Art by PosESioN. I used pose 4. I love the look of movement with this pose with this dress!

Photographer and model…me

[VM] VERO MODERO / Suki Dress Zebra
PosESioN Pop Art Pose 4
h.m.a.e.m.*midnight princess* clutch-passion
N-Core Red Ultra Platforms
GizzA HandKey Frog
Zara Nizam Choodiya Bangle


 PosESioN  Logo

Her Gilded Cage

AZUL ValScatter Pearl MissVenezuela MMV2013_002

Her life was governed by others…where she should be, who she should be with, the time, what she should or shouldn’t wear, and where she should go. Looking in through the gilded bars of the cage, of her world, you would label her life privileged and envy her. She wanted for nothing…except freedom to choose for her own self, her life’s course. This evening, she had had enough and escaped outdoors to the adjacent garden and removed her shoes, and walked barefooted in the warm evening grass. Something which one of her station shouldn’t do, as it wasn’t proper, as her handlers would say to her! To the onlooker, she looked exquisite in her Pearl AZUL ValScatter Miss Venezuela MMV2013 Gown. The skirt of the gown billowed gracefully around her legs as the cascading flowers on her gown moved  with each step she took, as though they were blowing in a gentle summer night’s breeze, revealing the mid knee length sheath skirt beneath. The gown fitted her perfectly! Her black belt had a large flower upon it that draws the eyes upward and adds a bit of drama to the area of her waist. Pensively she absently touched her pearls, lost in her thoughts, as her arm brushes the silk of her strapless bodice ruffles, she notices how soft the material is. It came to her then to just enjoy  her stolen moment in her romantic Azul ValScatter Gown before her handlers found her. She thought about other people lives and the freedom they enjoyed and finally came to the conclusion that one only sees the green of the grass and not the weeds in the yard of another’s life , of their gilded cage.

I used the awesome new Yula Set Pose 5 made by the amazing god of movement and grace..PosESioN. Take the below limo to the store and check out the Yula Set and many others for bringing life to your pictures!

Photographer and model…me

AZUL ValScatter Miss Venezuela MMV2013 Gown
PosESioN Yula Set

 PosESioN  Logo

Carmen Miranda I Ain’t!

[VM] VERO MODERO June Group Gifts 2013_005

Smiles, no I ain’t Carmen Miranda….some of us do have to work for a living! I am a waitress as you can see at a private resort. I can really balance my tray, don’t you think! I absolutely hate it when someone orders stuff and disappears before tipping me…let alone paying for the stuff they ordered!!! I had walked all the way out here from the hotel and the customer has disappeared! At least I get to work on my tan! Which will look delish with my very colorful ruffled new bikini from Vero Modero! The Bikini reminds you of the hot sultry days of summer to come! The bikini is very vibrant and will look good on everyone! Also, included but not shown, a flower for the hair! Guess what??? This very cute and saucy bikini is free!!! This is the VERO MODERO Female June Group Gift 2013! Not a member, no problem…just join the Vero Modero Group at the store!

The most awesome pose that I used to carry my platter of fruit is from none other than PosESioN, the god of grace and movement! This is NEW Baroque Pose 1! I just love his poses!!!

Photographer and model…me

VERO MODERO Female June Group Gift 2013
PosESioN New Baroque Pose 1
Fruit Turban by Boudoir

Props used: Boudoir Fruit Platter and Wearable Lonely Island


 PosESioN  Logo


The Lounge Singer by Kay Weston, Image Essentials

SnapshotThe Lounge Singer_003 r1

SnapshotThe Lounge Singer_002r1

SnapshotThe Lounge Singer_004 r1

You know one of the fabulous reasons for being a resident of Second Life is that it allows just that, for you to have a “second life”! There you can be anything or anyone you wish. For those who have ever wanted to be a lounge singer, or even perhaps photograph one….such dynamic and very talented creators  as Kay Weston of Image Essentials help you to fulfill such dreams and fantasies.

She has created the Lounge Singer! It is a phenomenal creation that allows you to become that lounge singer you always wanted to be! This amazing prop has a smashing decor of red and gold hanging stage curtains, stage floor flood lights, a standing microphone, and a black overhead chandelier. If that wasn’t enough, 10 custom-made poses! I have only shown 3 and they are awesome!!! Photographers you can use this awesome prop to stage many scenarios with these very creative poses and take fantastic photographs!

There are two versions of the Lounge Singer-one with a deep red and gold color palette and the other with the colors of rich jewels such as amethyst, emeralds and sapphires.

The Lounge Singer is now available for sale and is only 300 lindens! You can find the demo in the store on the 2nd floor in the prop department. Come on over and check it out for is also available for sale on the market place! Now all you need to provide is the talent! Have fun and enjoy this most excellent prop!

Photographer and model…me
The Lounge Singer by Kay Weston, Image Essentials

The Stylist’s Dirty Little Secret

[ZE] Summerwind {LE}005

She had one of the world’s most difficult actresses to dress. She pulled dresses from many of the best stores, but the actress  merely  fanned them away with a graceful but curt dismissive wave of her hand.  Must I do your job for you as well…I only wear Zanze Dresses and Gowns, you idiot…as she looked at her well manicured red long nails, which looked like she had been clawing at meat, she said…find me one!  She added, I am not paying you for your mistakes!

After her rather rude and obnoxious treatment from the famous actress, she hurried over to Zanze. Hmm, I remember that there’s a brand new location as she redirects her driver.  When the stylist arrived at the store, she was very impressed by what she saw…making a mental note that she must come here for her other clients as well!

The stylist made the appropriate arrangements with the store and began pulling dresses, then her eyes fell upon the [ZE] Summerwind Limited Edition Gown.  This will be utterly perfect for the actress and her coloring. It was a pink and gray confection of a gown with shimmering sequins, like none she has ever seen before! The gown’s sheer diamanté overlay glistened and twinkled, just calling to her “pick me..pick me.”  The dress was exquisite enough for a queen!  No doubt her client thought of herself as one…but word in certain circles had it more like b***tch! After being told that the gown was very very exclusive, she hurriedly scooped up the gown for her demanding client!  She was thinking of what jewelry she will match from Chop Zuey and immediately wanted the Ling Ling Bracelets and the Shoka Earrings.  She, as well, had been invited to the awards ceremony, but hadn’t had the time yet to find her own gown.  As the sales associates readied her selections, the stylist overheard such a commotion in the back about a gown being too small for the fat actress that it was made for and had refused delivery on, that she smiled, stifling the urge to laugh.  She politely inquires and asks to see the gown and immediately has a gownasm!  I WANT THAT GOWN!!!  She caught herself yelling…but then another stylist had also seen the dress and since her actress client was more famous than the other stylist’s client, of course, she was given the dress!  The [ZE] Mirrors Gown was unlike any other gown she has ever come across! The silver mirrored pieces of the gown glinted and sparkled with the intensity of a fine Harry Winston Diamond! The form fitted slinky dress…screamed I am sexy and I know it….look at me as I have arrived!!! Not one time did she think she should offer the gown to her client. It will be my little dirty secret and besides that’s my dress she said to herself. She could never do it justice! If I  have to melt and pour myself in it, wear 10 pairs of spanks…I am wearing this gown!!! The vain side of herself said and look better than the famous actress as I walk the red carpet!

[ZE] Mirrors Gown 3

Of course the tempestuous actress never thanked her for finding the perfect gown and accessories for her. The day of the event had arrived and she could see that the famous actress’ limo was the fourth one ahead of her own and she saw the actress being assisted from the car unto the red carpet.  The oohs and aahs, the what a visions, and paparazzi snapping like mad!  She was in her moment…until her stylist got out of the car! She was wearing the [ZE] Mirrors Gown, Chop Zuey Kita Kamakura Necklace, and the elegantly ethereal Sad Dreams BaObA Hat.  The fickle paparazzi began snapping her and the gasps and the who designed THAT gown, and Joanne Rivvers trying to stick the microphone towards her when she felt a shove…down she went in her ZE] Mirrors Gown, as the famous actress pushed her and said oops you fell and walked away!  What goes around, comes around, but at least she looked sexy sitting on the ground in her ZE] Mirrors Gown! Smiling for the cameras and to herself….as the now jealous actress has made her famous!!!

Sad Dreams  BaObA

This awesome Red Carpet Arrival Set was made by the phenomenal Kat Watson for KaTink. Love Love Love this!!! Awesome work Kay!!!

Photographer and model…me

[ZE] Summerwind Limited Edition Gown
Chop Zuey Ling Ling Bracelets
Chop Zuey Shoka Earrings

[ZE] Mirrors Gown
Chop Zuey Kita Kamakura Necklace
Sad Dreams BaObA Hat
KaTink Red Carpet Arrival Set



Kaerri Furniture and The Long Walk Led by David Abbot Hunt starts TODAY 6-16-13 AT NOON









Kaerri has designed for The Long Walk Led by David Abbot Hunt, hunt gifts to help celebrate Second Life’s 10th Birthday!!! They are simply amazing!!! She has created a room of furniture for your enjoyment! While you sit back in your comfortable arm chair and watch incredible movie slides from your world travels on your retro projector, you notice the time upon your grand father clock. You feel too lazy to get up and turn off the your map lamp on that table behind you..where’s a kid when you need them! Geez…you have to really get after the maid to dust more all the knick knacks in your fine Bookcase. Just thinking about the work you have at your desk as your laptop blatantly reminds you, makes you cringe. grrr…somebody has been in my desk chair again!!! I wonder who moved the mallard duck next to the flowers! Those were good times when that mounted moose was bagged. Chuckles….the auction bidding for the golden map picture was fierce but victory was mine! Tonight’s forecast should be perfect for star glazing with my telescope, hmm, I should learn to use it first! As you lay back in your chair, you think… man, life is really swell!

See link below for information about The Long Walk Led by David Abbot Hunt


Kaerri SL10B Picture
Kaerri SL10B Lamp
Kaerri SL10B Side Table2
Kaerri SL10B Side Table1
Kaerri SL10B Clock
Kaerri SL10B Moose Head
Kaerri SL10B Desk
Kaerri SL10B Desk Chair
Kaerri SL10B Duck Decor
Kaerri SL10B Desk Flowers
Kaerri SL10B Laptop
Kaerri SL10B Asian Vase
Kaerri SL10B Globe Light
Kaerri SL10B Robin Figurine
Kaerri SL10B Matau Sculpture
Kaerri SL10B Mask
Kaerri SL10B Egyptian Vases
Kaerri SL10B Gold Vase
Kaerri SL10B Lion
Kaerri SL10B Bookcase
Kaerri SL10B Film Board
Kaerri SL10B Retro Projector
Kaerri SL10B Rug
SL10B Chair
Kaerri SL10B Telescope

Hunt Dates: Jun 16 – Jun 29
Type: Sim or Store Hunt

Region Rating: Moderate

Stops: 7 Walks/14+ Gifts

Hunt Object: An X (marks the spot)

Hunt Theme: A guided Tour of the Second Life 10th Birthday Celebrations with extraordinary gifts to find along the way. Notecards will be available from posters at the HUNT SL Hunt Museum.


Start: HUNT SL @ SL10B

The Pod Tours of SLB10 Experience….Feels as Good as being at Disney World!


SL10B Welcome Area, SL10B Beguile (169, 142, 22)_004


As I began walking around Astonish and there’s so much to see and experience, that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take it all in. The work that the Lindens and the vast army of scripters, designers, creators, and volunteers, have done here is mind-blowing phenomenal! I feel like I am at Disney World and it feels good!!! Everywhere you turn its oooh and aaaah and I didn’t know that!!! I am running around here and there like a child in utter wonderment! In real life I am not a walker.. not in 4 inch heels, smiles! When my family goes to Disney….I don’t walk there either..I ride! As I further explored I spied…the YavaScript Pod Tour! Shut the window and close the front door as I no longer have to walk in my mile high stilettos here either! I waited less than a minute for one of the amazing pods to return and I was a very happy second lifer!!!! This is just one parcel!!! they have for your enjoyment for the SLB10 ongoing festivities covering twenty-two sims, including four amazing stages, over 360 exhibits and, last but not least, 24/7 nonstop performances for an entire week from some of Second Life’s best entertainers! So my little footsies are very grateful to be riding. The ride is one of the best scripted movement types I have ever been on! They are fancy smancy looking too! When a pod docks…you just click and ride. Really simple for those of us who are not technical..hehe..I still can’t make a box! I love how the pods turn corners…I am just totally in awe!

Once you are on, you are given a menu box that has a speedometer. Just wear it. It attaches as a HUD. You can click it to change mph, km/h, m/s. You can even see how far you have traveled!  The pod will take you on a guided tour around the sims, pointing out some interesting places and giving a bit of a commentary as you go along. A small pre-warning, the pod passes over many sims. Sometimes, if Second Life is being troublesome for you, you might become unseated, or even logged out, on a sim crossing. This is not the fault of the pod, and there is little the creator can do about it. Doesn’t happen often, but a possibility!

Here’s a sampling of the commentary from Astonish…..[08:27] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: At your left there is a little replica of Pucar? (Fortress), hoy city of native people of South America. Many people found in Andes Montains, some of them was called Amaichas, Kilmes, Patamas, Omauacas, Calchaquies. [08:28] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: On your left. Enjoy our Carnival by the sea, There are lots of seaside attractions along our coastal pathway of fun!
[08:28] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: Onward and Upward! The UW Avalumni and University of Washington Virtual Worlds Certificate Program champion innovation and education in virtual worlds by building professional communities in education, business, nonprofits, government, and the Arts
[08:28] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: Welcome to FITCH! Please stop and try out all the furniture and grab all the Freebies! Including the Green House, a beautiful starter home for new players! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SECOND LIFE!

This is really Cool and very informative! The tour helps you also to take note of those places you pass by that are of interest to you that you want to return to on foot. You can also get out of the pod at any time, to explore as well. Yavanna Llanfair you are a sheer genius!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

The Eastern Tour takes you through Wonderous, Astonish, Spectacular, Dazzle, Pizzazz, Stunning, Magnificent and Enchant.

The stations have live maps, updated with the locations of all the running pods on the sims. You can use the maps to locate a pod, then get up the map in your SL client and TP to where one is, if you want to pick up a tour at a certain location. Individual pod tours run at intervals of around 30 minutes.

Seeing all the creativeness makes you happy that YOU are a part of Second Life!

Please, do yourself a favor and take The Pod Tours of SLB10 and experience the SLB10 Celebration. Second Life is truly the happiest place in the virtual world!

The SLB10 opens, Sunday, June 16th and closes June 29th


Country Thyme Pink Lemonade by EATme Bakery

EATme Country Thyme Pink Lemonade_002

On a hot sultry summer day nothing quenches your thirst like a tall glass of Pink Lemonade dressed with fresh Strawberries and Lemons! Can you just imagine that cold sweet tarty taste as it passes your lips sending your taste buds into a frenzy! Ahhh…your mouth watering now? No summer table can be complete without Country Thyme Pink Lemonade by EATme Bakery!

Why not stop by EATme Bakery and sample some of his freshly made Pink Lemonade and check out the other delectable goodies he has for your table and summer entertainment needs.


Country Thyme Pink Lemonade by EATme Bakery

The Paris Bed Set by Kaerri

Paris Bedroom_002

Paris Bedroom_004

Paris Bedroom_005

Paris Bedroom_007

The Paris Bed Set is part of the recently introduced Paris Series,  a new and exciting colorful line, that made its debut at the Home and Garden Expo 2013.

The clean lines and restful colors brings a quiet elegance to your bedroom or guest room. The set includes the bed, which has an adult menu, the night stand, large Paris Picture, lion figurine, small bowl of flowers, candle lamp, rug, tall boy, ottoman, vanity and vanity chair.
Take the below limo to Kaerri and see the complete line as well as her other amazing designs for your home and décor needs.

Pictured upon the vanity seat are 3 beautiful Gezi Park 3D Handbags by GizzA. They are available in the colors shown and are handbags with a purpose! They are inspired and named after the beautiful Park in Istanbul. Proceeds from the sale of the handbags, that are available at GizzA Main Store, go to OccupyGezi For the World. See the display at GizzA Main Store.

Show me a lady who does not leave her jewelry out upon a vanity or such! These lovely baubles are from h.m.a.e.m. Saba Collection. This is a necklace and earrings suite and you can see this set, the Turquais, and other gems from the collection at her main store in Salimar.

The Paris Bed Set by Kaerri
Gezi Park 3D Handbags by GizzA
Saba Collection, the Turquais, by h.m.a.e.m.


GizzA Main Store


Don’t Send Me Flowers!!!!

TorMe Designs Tangerine Summer Halter Dress_005

TorMe Designs Tangerine Summer Halter Dress_008

As his pampered princess looks down in her arms at the yellow roses and asks herself why do some men think that everything can be fixed if I send her flowers??? There are different levels of saying you are sorry. Smiles, men…a hint, flowers are NOT at the top of the list! Some time ago, there was a basketball player who purportedly gave his wife a 4 million dollar apology ring for cheating, but that’s the extreme.  As this overindulged babe thinks about his alleged faux pas and possible punishment, even in her fury, this vain one stops long enough to thinks how gorgeous she looks in her Tangerine Summer Halter Dress by TorMe Designs. The mini dress has a pattern that puts you in the mind of a South Beach Miami Night! The colors are beautifully combined into the colorfully vibrant floral pattern you see and compliments any skin tone. She looks thoroughly with a trained eye into the bouquet…and finds nothing extra in it…like an expensive emerald bauble! she flings the flowers away from her and notes that the dress moves beautifully still hugging her curves!

You ask, what could have been so horrible to upset her so…he asked his privileged Barbie to learn to cook!

The amazing pose that I used for the “flinging” of the flowers was made by the god of movement and grace…PosESioN! It is the June Group Gift for the ladies

photographer and model…me

Tangerine Summer Halter Dress by TorMe Designs
PosESioN June Group Gift for Ladies
A&Ana FJ. Emeraude Dream Earrings

TorMe Designs

 PosESioN  Logo




Addiction….Intervention Needed!!!

Demise of Flight -  black dress_003

Demise of Flight -  black dress_005

the arcade and DOF_002

the arcade and DOF_005

I use to wonder about the word “gacha”….well not anymore! Laughing, I have been gachaed! As you see me standing upon the Gacha Gallery, that’s moored in Casablanca Bay, a sim away, waiting for HOURS to get back in the Arcade for the umpteenth time, I have come to the unnerving conclusion that I am an ADDICT!!! There are many poor saps here as well waiting for their next fix of gacha! Preening herself, I do have to admit that I look quite fetching, in my addiction, in my Black, V-neck, short-sleeved, Jerrah Shirt Dress by Demise of Flight and it is the perfect foil for my rare Tee*fy Feather Headdress. Which, by the way costs me 7500 lindens!!! What is it about the word rare or exclusive that makes us crazy in pursuing whatever it is that has been labeled such and has caught our heart and fancy that we simply go berserk until we have it? These very thoughts entertains my irrational mind until the light catches my eerily pretty Beautiful Death Pendant by Demise of Flight. hmm…laughs, wonders if I can pawn it for more lindens? As I longingly look to the shore where the arcade is and taunts me with its very presence, I glance at the competition for getting in and leans way back to admire my legs in my Freda Boots by Demise of Flight, wishing and hoping that somebody crashes or leaves, (fat chance), so I can get there! Never mind the 15 others waiting with me! Pull down the shades and shut the front door…desi has gotten in!!! My new desire, after the headdress, oh yeah, forgot about the Leather Made Goat Head Back Packs…have 14 of those trying to get the rare Fiesta one and god knows how many of the dresses, is Apple Fall! I love love love Apple Falls’ Breakfast at Tiffany Set. As I wander around in the lag like a dope fiend looking for a fix, I stumble upon Apple Fall. HELP ME!!! I  HAVE EMPTIED MY ACCOUNT to the get the rare items!!! I have 25 items from Apple Fall quickly cries big crocodile tears…ONLY 2 RARE ONES..and they are the same!!! You see me reluctantly leaving the gacha machine wondering how I can make some quick lindens, short of going to the “Adult Area” of Second Life, smiles. If you are reading this…..PLEASE STAGE AN INTERVENTION!!!

p.s. After this visit, I came back and discovered that you don’t have to make it to the Arcade….I just cammed my camera in from the Gacha Gallery and played….HELP!!!!!

Photographer and model…me

Jerrah Shirt dress by Demise of Flight
Beautiful Death Pendant by Demise of Flight
Freda Boots by Demise of Flight

Picture 3 Breathtaking Pose 5m by Demise of Flight
Picture 4 Delicate Pose 4 by Demise of Flight

The Kay Modern Home by Maven Homes

Paris Bedroom_001

Paris Bedroom_003

Paris Bedroom_006

Paris Bedroom_008

Paris Bedroom_009

Paris Bedroom_015

Paris Bedroom_012

Paris Bedroom_013

The Kay Modern Home is a superb contemporary house! The house is a perfect example of style and functionality for very few prims! That’s the sign of a true master builder when he can squeeze out such an amazing mesh house for just 125 prims!

The house is basically surrounded by glass from the front to the sides, top to the bottom, assuring you fantastic views of your land! Just think of the romantic sunsets ands starry nights you will be able to see in your Kay! As you enter the glass entry way, to your left there’s a small infinity edge pool..makes you happy that this is yours and even prouder to bring your friends and family to! The Kay is spacious, light, and welcoming!

The Kay has 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 living rooms, Dining room, and Kitchen with Bar. The Kay features a small patio with an infinity edge pool, balcony, fireplace, Kitchen stools, bath tub, shower and sink with animated poses.

The house has a Home Control System that the lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed. You can adjust the lighting color. There’s an automatic mode that adjusts lighting according to sim time of day. You have nosy neighbors, no problem…the house has adjustable window tint and opacity! Also included a security system with radar controls access to house, lockable doors, and the doors can be set to open automatically!

Land Impact: 125, Size: 28 m x 27 m
Recommended parcel: 1024 sqm or larger

Your limo awaits you curbside to Maven Homes

The Kay Modern Home by Maven Homes

Maven Homes Logo

Kaerri Paris Dining Room

Paris Dinner Set_002 R1

PicMonkey CollageR1

This beautifully vibrant colored Paris Dining Room was created for and featured at the Home and garden Expo that just ended this past Sunday. Kaerri has captured the excitement and the romance of Paris with the Paris Dining Room. Just look at the amazing and realistic details of the furnishings and the accessories! Shall I slice you a piece of cheese to have with your French Bread and pour you a glass of Maven’s fine wine?

See the Paris Dining Room and many other very detailed impressive furnishings and home décor at Kaerri!

Paris Dining Room by Kaerri

Kaerri Logotype 512