The Kay Modern Home by Maven Homes

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The Kay Modern Home is a superb contemporary house! The house is a perfect example of style and functionality for very few prims! That’s the sign of a true master builder when he can squeeze out such an amazing mesh house for just 125 prims!

The house is basically surrounded by glass from the front to the sides, top to the bottom, assuring you fantastic views of your land! Just think of the romantic sunsets ands starry nights you will be able to see in your Kay! As you enter the glass entry way, to your left there’s a small infinity edge pool..makes you happy that this is yours and even prouder to bring your friends and family to! The Kay is spacious, light, and welcoming!

The Kay has 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 living rooms, Dining room, and Kitchen with Bar. The Kay features a small patio with an infinity edge pool, balcony, fireplace, Kitchen stools, bath tub, shower and sink with animated poses.

The house has a Home Control System that the lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed. You can adjust the lighting color. There’s an automatic mode that adjusts lighting according to sim time of day. You have nosy neighbors, no problem…the house has adjustable window tint and opacity! Also included a security system with radar controls access to house, lockable doors, and the doors can be set to open automatically!

Land Impact: 125, Size: 28 m x 27 m
Recommended parcel: 1024 sqm or larger

Your limo awaits you curbside to Maven Homes

The Kay Modern Home by Maven Homes

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