Addiction….Intervention Needed!!!

Demise of Flight -  black dress_003

Demise of Flight -  black dress_005

the arcade and DOF_002

the arcade and DOF_005

I use to wonder about the word “gacha”….well not anymore! Laughing, I have been gachaed! As you see me standing upon the Gacha Gallery, that’s moored in Casablanca Bay, a sim away, waiting for HOURS to get back in the Arcade for the umpteenth time, I have come to the unnerving conclusion that I am an ADDICT!!! There are many poor saps here as well waiting for their next fix of gacha! Preening herself, I do have to admit that I look quite fetching, in my addiction, in my Black, V-neck, short-sleeved, Jerrah Shirt Dress by Demise of Flight and it is the perfect foil for my rare Tee*fy Feather Headdress. Which, by the way costs me 7500 lindens!!! What is it about the word rare or exclusive that makes us crazy in pursuing whatever it is that has been labeled such and has caught our heart and fancy that we simply go berserk until we have it? These very thoughts entertains my irrational mind until the light catches my eerily pretty Beautiful Death Pendant by Demise of Flight. hmm…laughs, wonders if I can pawn it for more lindens? As I longingly look to the shore where the arcade is and taunts me with its very presence, I glance at the competition for getting in and leans way back to admire my legs in my Freda Boots by Demise of Flight, wishing and hoping that somebody crashes or leaves, (fat chance), so I can get there! Never mind the 15 others waiting with me! Pull down the shades and shut the front door…desi has gotten in!!! My new desire, after the headdress, oh yeah, forgot about the Leather Made Goat Head Back Packs…have 14 of those trying to get the rare Fiesta one and god knows how many of the dresses, is Apple Fall! I love love love Apple Falls’ Breakfast at Tiffany Set. As I wander around in the lag like a dope fiend looking for a fix, I stumble upon Apple Fall. HELP ME!!! I  HAVE EMPTIED MY ACCOUNT to the get the rare items!!! I have 25 items from Apple Fall quickly cries big crocodile tears…ONLY 2 RARE ONES..and they are the same!!! You see me reluctantly leaving the gacha machine wondering how I can make some quick lindens, short of going to the “Adult Area” of Second Life, smiles. If you are reading this…..PLEASE STAGE AN INTERVENTION!!!

p.s. After this visit, I came back and discovered that you don’t have to make it to the Arcade….I just cammed my camera in from the Gacha Gallery and played….HELP!!!!!

Photographer and model…me

Jerrah Shirt dress by Demise of Flight
Beautiful Death Pendant by Demise of Flight
Freda Boots by Demise of Flight

Picture 3 Breathtaking Pose 5m by Demise of Flight
Picture 4 Delicate Pose 4 by Demise of Flight


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