Don’t Send Me Flowers!!!!

TorMe Designs Tangerine Summer Halter Dress_005

TorMe Designs Tangerine Summer Halter Dress_008

As his pampered princess looks down in her arms at the yellow roses and asks herself why do some men think that everything can be fixed if I send her flowers??? There are different levels of saying you are sorry. Smiles, men…a hint, flowers are NOT at the top of the list! Some time ago, there was a basketball player who purportedly gave his wife a 4 million dollar apology ring for cheating, but that’s the extreme.  As this overindulged babe thinks about his alleged faux pas and possible punishment, even in her fury, this vain one stops long enough to thinks how gorgeous she looks in her Tangerine Summer Halter Dress by TorMe Designs. The mini dress has a pattern that puts you in the mind of a South Beach Miami Night! The colors are beautifully combined into the colorfully vibrant floral pattern you see and compliments any skin tone. She looks thoroughly with a trained eye into the bouquet…and finds nothing extra in it…like an expensive emerald bauble! she flings the flowers away from her and notes that the dress moves beautifully still hugging her curves!

You ask, what could have been so horrible to upset her so…he asked his privileged Barbie to learn to cook!

The amazing pose that I used for the “flinging” of the flowers was made by the god of movement and grace…PosESioN! It is the June Group Gift for the ladies

photographer and model…me

Tangerine Summer Halter Dress by TorMe Designs
PosESioN June Group Gift for Ladies
A&Ana FJ. Emeraude Dream Earrings

TorMe Designs

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