The Pod Tours of SLB10 Experience….Feels as Good as being at Disney World!


SL10B Welcome Area, SL10B Beguile (169, 142, 22)_004


As I began walking around Astonish and there’s so much to see and experience, that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take it all in. The work that the Lindens and the vast army of scripters, designers, creators, and volunteers, have done here is mind-blowing phenomenal! I feel like I am at Disney World and it feels good!!! Everywhere you turn its oooh and aaaah and I didn’t know that!!! I am running around here and there like a child in utter wonderment! In real life I am not a walker.. not in 4 inch heels, smiles! When my family goes to Disney….I don’t walk there either..I ride! As I further explored I spied…the YavaScript Pod Tour! Shut the window and close the front door as I no longer have to walk in my mile high stilettos here either! I waited less than a minute for one of the amazing pods to return and I was a very happy second lifer!!!! This is just one parcel!!! they have for your enjoyment for the SLB10 ongoing festivities covering twenty-two sims, including four amazing stages, over 360 exhibits and, last but not least, 24/7 nonstop performances for an entire week from some of Second Life’s best entertainers! So my little footsies are very grateful to be riding. The ride is one of the best scripted movement types I have ever been on! They are fancy smancy looking too! When a pod docks…you just click and ride. Really simple for those of us who are not technical..hehe..I still can’t make a box! I love how the pods turn corners…I am just totally in awe!

Once you are on, you are given a menu box that has a speedometer. Just wear it. It attaches as a HUD. You can click it to change mph, km/h, m/s. You can even see how far you have traveled!  The pod will take you on a guided tour around the sims, pointing out some interesting places and giving a bit of a commentary as you go along. A small pre-warning, the pod passes over many sims. Sometimes, if Second Life is being troublesome for you, you might become unseated, or even logged out, on a sim crossing. This is not the fault of the pod, and there is little the creator can do about it. Doesn’t happen often, but a possibility!

Here’s a sampling of the commentary from Astonish…..[08:27] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: At your left there is a little replica of Pucar? (Fortress), hoy city of native people of South America. Many people found in Andes Montains, some of them was called Amaichas, Kilmes, Patamas, Omauacas, Calchaquies. [08:28] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: On your left. Enjoy our Carnival by the sea, There are lots of seaside attractions along our coastal pathway of fun!
[08:28] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: Onward and Upward! The UW Avalumni and University of Washington Virtual Worlds Certificate Program champion innovation and education in virtual worlds by building professional communities in education, business, nonprofits, government, and the Arts
[08:28] YavaScript Pod SL10B-East: Welcome to FITCH! Please stop and try out all the furniture and grab all the Freebies! Including the Green House, a beautiful starter home for new players! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SECOND LIFE!

This is really Cool and very informative! The tour helps you also to take note of those places you pass by that are of interest to you that you want to return to on foot. You can also get out of the pod at any time, to explore as well. Yavanna Llanfair you are a sheer genius!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

The Eastern Tour takes you through Wonderous, Astonish, Spectacular, Dazzle, Pizzazz, Stunning, Magnificent and Enchant.

The stations have live maps, updated with the locations of all the running pods on the sims. You can use the maps to locate a pod, then get up the map in your SL client and TP to where one is, if you want to pick up a tour at a certain location. Individual pod tours run at intervals of around 30 minutes.

Seeing all the creativeness makes you happy that YOU are a part of Second Life!

Please, do yourself a favor and take The Pod Tours of SLB10 and experience the SLB10 Celebration. Second Life is truly the happiest place in the virtual world!

The SLB10 opens, Sunday, June 16th and closes June 29th



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