Kaerri Furniture and The Long Walk Led by David Abbot Hunt starts TODAY 6-16-13 AT NOON









Kaerri has designed for The Long Walk Led by David Abbot Hunt, hunt gifts to help celebrate Second Life’s 10th Birthday!!! They are simply amazing!!! She has created a room of furniture for your enjoyment! While you sit back in your comfortable arm chair and watch incredible movie slides from your world travels on your retro projector, you notice the time upon your grand father clock. You feel too lazy to get up and turn off the your map lamp on that table behind you..where’s a kid when you need them! Geez…you have to really get after the maid to dust more all the knick knacks in your fine Bookcase. Just thinking about the work you have at your desk as your laptop blatantly reminds you, makes you cringe. grrr…somebody has been in my desk chair again!!! I wonder who moved the mallard duck next to the flowers! Those were good times when that mounted moose was bagged. Chuckles….the auction bidding for the golden map picture was fierce but victory was mine! Tonight’s forecast should be perfect for star glazing with my telescope, hmm, I should learn to use it first! As you lay back in your chair, you think… man, life is really swell!

See link below for information about The Long Walk Led by David Abbot Hunt


Kaerri SL10B Picture
Kaerri SL10B Lamp
Kaerri SL10B Side Table2
Kaerri SL10B Side Table1
Kaerri SL10B Clock
Kaerri SL10B Moose Head
Kaerri SL10B Desk
Kaerri SL10B Desk Chair
Kaerri SL10B Duck Decor
Kaerri SL10B Desk Flowers
Kaerri SL10B Laptop
Kaerri SL10B Asian Vase
Kaerri SL10B Globe Light
Kaerri SL10B Robin Figurine
Kaerri SL10B Matau Sculpture
Kaerri SL10B Mask
Kaerri SL10B Egyptian Vases
Kaerri SL10B Gold Vase
Kaerri SL10B Lion
Kaerri SL10B Bookcase
Kaerri SL10B Film Board
Kaerri SL10B Retro Projector
Kaerri SL10B Rug
SL10B Chair
Kaerri SL10B Telescope

Hunt Dates: Jun 16 – Jun 29

Type: Sim or Store Hunt

Region Rating: Moderate

Stops: 7 Walks/14+ Gifts

Hunt Object: An X (marks the spot)

Hunt Theme: A guided Tour of the Second Life 10th Birthday Celebrations with extraordinary gifts to find along the way. Notecards will be available from posters at the HUNT SL Hunt Museum.

Start: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL10B%20Astonish/101/104/25

Start: HUNT SL @ SL10B


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