The Stylist’s Dirty Little Secret

[ZE] Summerwind {LE}005

She had one of the world’s most difficult actresses to dress. She pulled dresses from many of the best stores, but the actress  merely  fanned them away with a graceful but curt dismissive wave of her hand.  Must I do your job for you as well…I only wear Zanze Dresses and Gowns, you idiot…as she looked at her well manicured red long nails, which looked like she had been clawing at meat, she said…find me one!  She added, I am not paying you for your mistakes!

After her rather rude and obnoxious treatment from the famous actress, she hurried over to Zanze. Hmm, I remember that there’s a brand new location as she redirects her driver.  When the stylist arrived at the store, she was very impressed by what she saw…making a mental note that she must come here for her other clients as well!

The stylist made the appropriate arrangements with the store and began pulling dresses, then her eyes fell upon the [ZE] Summerwind Limited Edition Gown.  This will be utterly perfect for the actress and her coloring. It was a pink and gray confection of a gown with shimmering sequins, like none she has ever seen before! The gown’s sheer diamanté overlay glistened and twinkled, just calling to her “pick me..pick me.”  The dress was exquisite enough for a queen!  No doubt her client thought of herself as one…but word in certain circles had it more like b***tch! After being told that the gown was very very exclusive, she hurriedly scooped up the gown for her demanding client!  She was thinking of what jewelry she will match from Chop Zuey and immediately wanted the Ling Ling Bracelets and the Shoka Earrings.  She, as well, had been invited to the awards ceremony, but hadn’t had the time yet to find her own gown.  As the sales associates readied her selections, the stylist overheard such a commotion in the back about a gown being too small for the fat actress that it was made for and had refused delivery on, that she smiled, stifling the urge to laugh.  She politely inquires and asks to see the gown and immediately has a gownasm!  I WANT THAT GOWN!!!  She caught herself yelling…but then another stylist had also seen the dress and since her actress client was more famous than the other stylist’s client, of course, she was given the dress!  The [ZE] Mirrors Gown was unlike any other gown she has ever come across! The silver mirrored pieces of the gown glinted and sparkled with the intensity of a fine Harry Winston Diamond! The form fitted slinky dress…screamed I am sexy and I know it….look at me as I have arrived!!! Not one time did she think she should offer the gown to her client. It will be my little dirty secret and besides that’s my dress she said to herself. She could never do it justice! If I  have to melt and pour myself in it, wear 10 pairs of spanks…I am wearing this gown!!! The vain side of herself said and look better than the famous actress as I walk the red carpet!

[ZE] Mirrors Gown 3

Of course the tempestuous actress never thanked her for finding the perfect gown and accessories for her. The day of the event had arrived and she could see that the famous actress’ limo was the fourth one ahead of her own and she saw the actress being assisted from the car unto the red carpet.  The oohs and aahs, the what a visions, and paparazzi snapping like mad!  She was in her moment…until her stylist got out of the car! She was wearing the [ZE] Mirrors Gown, Chop Zuey Kita Kamakura Necklace, and the elegantly ethereal Sad Dreams BaObA Hat.  The fickle paparazzi began snapping her and the gasps and the who designed THAT gown, and Joanne Rivvers trying to stick the microphone towards her when she felt a shove…down she went in her ZE] Mirrors Gown, as the famous actress pushed her and said oops you fell and walked away!  What goes around, comes around, but at least she looked sexy sitting on the ground in her ZE] Mirrors Gown! Smiling for the cameras and to herself….as the now jealous actress has made her famous!!!

Sad Dreams  BaObA

This awesome Red Carpet Arrival Set was made by the phenomenal Kat Watson for KaTink. Love Love Love this!!! Awesome work Kay!!!

Photographer and model…me

[ZE] Summerwind Limited Edition Gown
Chop Zuey Ling Ling Bracelets
Chop Zuey Shoka Earrings

[ZE] Mirrors Gown
Chop Zuey Kita Kamakura Necklace
Sad Dreams BaObA Hat
KaTink Red Carpet Arrival Set




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