The Lounge Singer by Kay Weston, Image Essentials

SnapshotThe Lounge Singer_003 r1

SnapshotThe Lounge Singer_002r1

SnapshotThe Lounge Singer_004 r1

You know one of the fabulous reasons for being a resident of Second Life is that it allows just that, for you to have a “second life”! There you can be anything or anyone you wish. For those who have ever wanted to be a lounge singer, or even perhaps photograph one….such dynamic and very talented creators  as Kay Weston of Image Essentials help you to fulfill such dreams and fantasies.

She has created the Lounge Singer! It is a phenomenal creation that allows you to become that lounge singer you always wanted to be! This amazing prop has a smashing decor of red and gold hanging stage curtains, stage floor flood lights, a standing microphone, and a black overhead chandelier. If that wasn’t enough, 10 custom-made poses! I have only shown 3 and they are awesome!!! Photographers you can use this awesome prop to stage many scenarios with these very creative poses and take fantastic photographs!

There are two versions of the Lounge Singer-one with a deep red and gold color palette and the other with the colors of rich jewels such as amethyst, emeralds and sapphires.

The Lounge Singer is now available for sale and is only 300 lindens! You can find the demo in the store on the 2nd floor in the prop department. Come on over and check it out for is also available for sale on the market place! Now all you need to provide is the talent! Have fun and enjoy this most excellent prop!

Photographer and model…me
The Lounge Singer by Kay Weston, Image Essentials


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