Carmen Miranda I Ain’t!

[VM] VERO MODERO June Group Gifts 2013_005

Smiles, no I ain’t Carmen Miranda….some of us do have to work for a living! I am a waitress as you can see at a private resort. I can really balance my tray, don’t you think! I absolutely hate it when someone orders stuff and disappears before tipping me…let alone paying for the stuff they ordered!!! I had walked all the way out here from the hotel and the customer has disappeared! At least I get to work on my tan! Which will look delish with my very colorful ruffled new bikini from Vero Modero! The Bikini reminds you of the hot sultry days of summer to come! The bikini is very vibrant and will look good on everyone! Also, included but not shown, a flower for the hair! Guess what??? This very cute and saucy bikini is free!!! This is the VERO MODERO Female June Group Gift 2013! Not a member, no problem…just join the Vero Modero Group at the store!

The most awesome pose that I used to carry my platter of fruit is from none other than PosESioN, the god of grace and movement! This is NEW Baroque Pose 1! I just love his poses!!!

Photographer and model…me

VERO MODERO Female June Group Gift 2013
PosESioN New Baroque Pose 1
Fruit Turban by Boudoir

Props used: Boudoir Fruit Platter and Wearable Lonely Island


 PosESioN  Logo



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