Her Gilded Cage

AZUL ValScatter Pearl MissVenezuela MMV2013_002

Her life was governed by others…where she should be, who she should be with, the time, what she should or shouldn’t wear, and where she should go. Looking in through the gilded bars of the cage, of her world, you would label her life privileged and envy her. She wanted for nothing…except freedom to choose for her own self, her life’s course. This evening, she had had enough and escaped outdoors to the adjacent garden and removed her shoes, and walked barefooted in the warm evening grass. Something which one of her station shouldn’t do, as it wasn’t proper, as her handlers would say to her! To the onlooker, she looked exquisite in her Pearl AZUL ValScatter Miss Venezuela MMV2013 Gown. The skirt of the gown billowed gracefully around her legs as the cascading flowers on her gown moved  with each step she took, as though they were blowing in a gentle summer night’s breeze, revealing the mid knee length sheath skirt beneath. The gown fitted her perfectly! Her black belt had a large flower upon it that draws the eyes upward and adds a bit of drama to the area of her waist. Pensively she absently touched her pearls, lost in her thoughts, as her arm brushes the silk of her strapless bodice ruffles, she notices how soft the material is. It came to her then to just enjoy  her stolen moment in her romantic Azul ValScatter Gown before her handlers found her. She thought about other people lives and the freedom they enjoyed and finally came to the conclusion that one only sees the green of the grass and not the weeds in the yard of another’s life , of their gilded cage.

I used the awesome new Yula Set Pose 5 made by the amazing god of movement and grace..PosESioN. Take the below limo to the store and check out the Yula Set and many others for bringing life to your pictures!

Photographer and model…me

AZUL ValScatter Miss Venezuela MMV2013 Gown
PosESioN Yula Set



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