When A House Is Not A Home

AZUL Rachel_002 r1

House hat_001R1

Smiles, a house is not a home… when it is a hat!!! I found this really phenomenal hat at the Art in Hats, Hats in Art Exhibit that runs thru July 28th. You should enjoy your style…after all style is not just what we put on our bodies whether pixel or real, but a way of life! As I ran around the grid in my AZUL Rachel-Sapphire Miss Portugal MMV2013 Gown, which comes in several colors, with a black delicate lace patterned bodice and matching arm lace that billow out to romantic looking lace trimmed chiffon sleeves. The silhouette of the gown is a body skimming column that clings to your curves with a long flowing attached uneven scalloped edge hem chiffon skirt. There is also a silver collar trimmed in the same chiffon of the skirt which you can wear with the dress or without and an optional full ball gown skirt. I received many compliments and comments about being different. Sl is a place where we can express our individual creativity being anything or wearing whatever we choose. There are far more worse things than wearing an exceptional piece of art upon your head with a beautiful dress to ponder over in sl or anywhere else. The pose I chose says..so what, I have a house on my head! A house is not a home when it is sitting exquisitely upon my head! Enjoy the world of your making in SL!

Btw…the hat is free. It comes with a costume that is given away at the ART IN HATS-HATS IN ART Exhibit.

Photographer and model…me

AZUL Rachel-Sapphire Miss Portugal MMV2013
House Hat by MeiloCapCat



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