Aboard The Orient Express in Baboom Chic

Baboom Solea Dress

Baboom Summer Necklace Set Maddy Purse and Summerhat Blue

When one travels, one is so very confined as to what you can bring. The porter scoffed at having to load my 10 trunks and I told him that is my light packing! I had maid pack the new deliveries from Baboom.  I have just returned to my  luxurious double cabin state room aboard the famed Orient Express! I had dressed earlier for breakfast about an hour ago, but the train will be soon stopping and I want to leave the train  fashionably attired.  Since I am on holiday,  I am limited to being able to change only 8 times a day!  My maid is traveling with us, and she has laid out for me to wear the new Solea Dress by Baboom.  Solea is a 2 tone aqua green and sky blue maxi dress. It has a one shoulder aqua green tank top style bodice which shows off my nicely toned arms perfectly! All that tennis, you know! On the body of the dress there is a image of a beautiful muse and the floor length skirt is a solid blue.  Where is maid when I need her!!!  I have to spritz my own perfume!!  She is probably trying to pick up one of the porters again….at least she remembered to lay out my accessories.  Baboom has introduce a new purse called the Maddy Mesh Handbag, which comes in 7 delightful summer colors! It is so cute and compact size! Maid just have to come and carry my makeup! My maid has also chosen, from among my jewelry, my new Baboom Summer Turquois Necklace and Earring Set.  I am horrible at dressing my self…where is she! At least the girl put out my matching Summer Hat Blue before she filled her head with thoughts of chasing men!  Pouts petulantly…my shoes are missing! We are passing the famous Le Fournil Du Village, in Montmartre…. they have the most divine sandwiches there!  I wont be able to manage all of this alone…oh well the train waited 5  hours for me to come …they just have to wait until I am dressed fully in my new Baboom chic Solea Dress and matching accessories!

Your curb side limo awaits you to Baboom!

photographer and model……me

Solea Mesh Dress and Summer Hat Blue by Baboom
Maddy Mesh Handbag by Baboom
Summer Necklace and Earrings Set by Baboom
Shoes included but not shown by Baboom



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