The Romance of Villa Anatra….A Villa by Maven Homes

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I was intrigued by the name…Anatra means duck in Italian! The Villa Anatra has such a grandiose presence…it is truly special!

The front façade has a three arch entrance veranda as its graceful centerpiece. Golden limestone that has gently aged through time adorns the elegant exterior walls of the villa.  Above the verandah, a carved stone balustrade balcony crowns its regally! The villa’s exterior corner edges are decorated with white quoins as accents that adds to the allure of Villa Anatra. This along with the red color of the terra cotta tile roof begins your seduction….making you want to open the wooden door that is surrounded by palladium windows with a transom top and on either side of the door 2 delightfully large outside black lanterns to illuminate her beauty at night. The Villa is designed in such a way with many windows that affords you and your guests equally spectacular views in all directions of your land, no matter which room you are in!

As you enter, you are blown away with the look of the tiled breezeway that connects the living spaces of the villa! It also leads to the outside back courtyard that has an amazing fountain for your pleasure and the villa’s pet duck swimming happily in it! The mixed terra cotta tile of the floor and the magnificent stone and marble of the adjacent balustrade grand staircase cannot help but to impress the most jaded of visitors.

As I walked through Villa Anatra, I had the exciting opportunity to talk to her designer, Cain Maven! He is a supremely talented designer/creator and when speaking of his designs you cannot help but to notice the infectious passion he has for them ! Mr. Maven told me and I quote “I wanted to create something in the tradition of the Italian Renaissance, particularly the ideals and principles of Andrea Palladio. I also wanted to use mesh technology to create a level of detail that is not possible with prims. It turned out to be a lot of work, but I’m fairly happy with the result.”

As you can see from the pictures, he has succeeded! If you cannot tell by now, I am in LOVE with the Villa Anatra!!! You must take the below limo to Maven homes and see Villa Anatra in person!

As you look above you at the huge fire lit chandelier, the fantastic molding of the ceilings above, the cathedral arches, the coffered ceilings of the rooms, the Tuscan Columns, and corridors, you are swept away to another time! The archway of the doors, the decorative trim along the walls and the half columns that form gorgeous marble arches upon the walls that are spaced along the upper and lower level middle section of the walls,  you find yourself impressed by the old world charm of the villa and feel instantly an affinity for her, smiling, the villa is drawing you in with her beauty and you can’t help yourself! On the main level you have the Living, Dining, Study Rooms, the Kitchen, and the beautiful long corridor leading from the breezeway. There are also 2 large fireplaces, downstairs, in the villa. Upstairs, you have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The floors are exquisitely covered in dark Parquet Wood and the bathrooms are Sandstone tiled. The master bedrooms on either end of the corridor both have entrances that lead to the front balcony. The villa is spacious and very well made. There are none of those jagged edges anywhere or alignments problems. The home is perfect for entertaining and gracious living! Standing from the upper corridor overlooking the breezeway, pride of ownership will make you smile. You too will fall under the spell of the Villa Anatra and be romanced by her!

Below are some basic facts about the Villa Anatra as supplied by her designer!

Land Impact: 774
Size: 47m x 49 m
Recommended parcel: 8192 sq.m. or larger

• 4 bedrooms
• 2 bathrooms
• Living room
• Dining room
• Study
• Kitchen

• 2 Fireplaces
• Kitchen chairs with animated poses
• Bath tubs with animated poses
• Duck

• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Privacy mode (one-way windows)
• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lockable doors
• Doors can be set to open automatically

The recommended parcel size is just a recommendation; please verify that your parcel is large enough and supports the necessary land impact before purchase. Please keep in mind that you will need capacity for furnishing and landscaping as well.


The Villa Anatra by Maven Homes


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