The Sultan’s Bride and Image Essentials

IE - Sultan's Bride_002

IE - Sultan's Bride_003

IE - Sultan's Bride_005

The Sultan’s bride, a Chinese Princess, is being given in marriage to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, as a political pawn to help cement the two warring countries in peace and the nuptials were to be carried out within the next few days. The princess was assigned a slave girl, who was beautiful, smart, and more exquisite than her mistress! The slave girl slept outside her princess’ rooms each night.  During the day, when the sultan came to visit her mistress, the slave girl made sure , he saw her.  That night as she laid upon her rug, she could hear the shrieks of her mistress as to why the wedding had to be postpone! When the sultan came from the room he looked at her and smiled. Later that day as she carried out her duties in caring for her mistress, a wondrous golden handkerchief, unlike anything she has ever seen in her, life was being delivered upon a golden tray! It had tiny seed pearls and small topazes sewn upon its border edges. Everyone was in suspense as who would be the favorite that night. The messenger handed it her…as she was the chosen one for that evening! She was not a part of the sultan’s harem, just a mere slave girl. The gasps and the whispering among the other slaves, as the gossip quickly spread about her throughout the palace and among the harem, as a slave girl has beens chosen, unheard of! Soon  some hurried to curry favor from HER! Smiling…Oh the stories and pictures you can make up with amazing props, especially those made by Kay Weston of Image Essentials! I admit I got carried away, but her Sultan’s Bride Rug Prop was fun to pose upon and it put all kinds of ideas in my head! It is a patterned rug that has pillows strewn at one end and copper decanter. In the style of the Arabian nights. It has 3 pose positions, which I have taken the pictures of. This awesome prop can be yours for a mere 50 lindens!!! At Kay’s store, Image Essentials, there’s a fifty linden wall for some amazing prop, including this! Take the below magic carpet to Image Essentials and stock up on props for your pictures and stories! Excellent made props and poses give life to our pictures in Second Life. Now’s the time to buy quality and quantity!!!

Speaking of which, there’s a also a sale at Image Essentials!!!

It’s weekend sale time at Image Essentials and this weekend there is something for the guys and something for the girls.

For the Guys –
50% off the Wooden Chair Set – now $75L

For the Girls –
50% off the Women’s Lay Set – Now $150 (set only)

Textures –
50% off The Dark Waters Texture Set – Now $110 (full pack only)
( Please note: You will be charged full price but receive 50% back after your purchase. )

These items are now available in the new Discounted / Sale section on the ground floor of Image Essentials.

Photographer and model…me
The Sultan’s Bride Rug Prop by Kay Weston, Image Essentials


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