The A.V. Etienne Set by Atelier Visconti

Etienne Set_001

A.V. Etienne_001

A.V. Etienne_002

The Etienne Set is a lovely garden furniture  suite made for fabulous stylish outdoor entertaining designed by Atelier Visconti! It consists of a white fabric topped green iron scroll  gazebo that is opened on 4 sides.  It has a wearable hud color change menu sofa and chair, beautifully textured side and low tables, lantern, both lit with flame and unlit. They are original mesh and has a land impact of 28 prims total for everything. It is mod and copy only.  You will be very happy with the fabric choices available for both the chair and sofa, as well as their pose menus.  Make your land even more beautiful with the Etienne Set. Why not stop by Atelier Visconti and see this awesome set display for yourself!  Your car wait below!



A.V. Etienne Set by Atelier Visconti








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