Where’s My Drink!!!

Joeys mesh Dior Earth Angel Bikini_001


Joeys mesh Dior Earth Angel Bikini_003

I decided to stay at the super posh I Cost Megabucks Resort. I am here for relaxation…..er um, smiling and looking both ways whispers….shopping addiction. In between the shock treatments for my over the top shopping habits…they show me my 60 page black amex bill!!!!  The horror, fanning herself and trying to slow her heart palpations!!!! After that I needed a drink! I almost had to wait for  my frou frou drink to be brought to me. I know, I know, it is behind me, but if you are paying what I am paying for this place, you wouldn’t reach for anything either! I saw the cutest cabana boy in the skimpiest of speedos coming towards me. He was like a walking sports illustrated dream! The physics alone was worth the price of admission! As I wait for him to reach me, I know I look very desirable in my Paisley Daisy Joeys mesh Dior Earth Angel Bikini & Cover up (C. Dior Infl.) The Queen of Sheer has designed this very delicious ensemble that is very appealing to the senses.  You cannot help but to be seen as the siren by the pool when you appear in this beautiful set. It comes in several eye catching colors. The fabric is sheer enough to show just what you need to without over exposure! After all a lady shows just enough and leaves something to the imagination and Paisley Daisy designs does just that with class and style to spare! You must stop by Paisley Daisy and see the many gorgeous and exquisite creations she has in her shop.  Not only are her designs beautiful, but they are also affordable!

Instead of the hunk cabana boy getting me a drink, he hands me a bill for Resort I Cost Megabucks….when I saw all the zeros, I was cured!

photographer and model…me

Paisley Daisy Joeys mesh Dior Earth Angel Bikini & Cover up




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