DaD Design’s Cedar Wood House

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_020

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_024

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_003

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_008

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_009

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_012

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_013

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_014

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_015

DaD Design's Contemporary Wood House CEDAR_005

DaD Design's Cedar House_001

DaD Design's Cedar House_002

DaD Design’s Cedar House is a very special contemporary house! It puts me in mind of homes that I have stayed in Hawaii with the openness of it. It has a spaciousness and a graciousness that’s inviting and welcoming! The home has many features that adds further to its’ beauty and desirousness! The house is a one level ranch style home and consists of large living room, a spa area with a separate pool and sauna, a bedroom, and a large terrace that wraps around one side of the house to the back. I love the doors to the terrace! Simply amazing! The house enhancements boasts a natural multi-scene that allow you to choose a season for the house outside landscaping decor to match that of your own! This feature is truly awesome! For your pleasure, you can choose from a no tropical, tropical, or a winter scene. No matter which season you chose, it will lend even more beauty to the home and fit perfectly with your landscape. The Cedar House comes with a master control unit for the whole house that is located outside the main entrance of the house. In addition to that, each room has a individual unit, for your convenience, that you can not only control that room but the whole house as well! The control units give you access to the security, lighting controls, radio, windows, and fireplace. This house is also a couple house, as the furniture has many features for you to use with your loved one and adds a romantic flair to the home. Wink, wink, try the piano!!! You will enjoy many days and nights of entertaining in this home…just imagine yourself on the terrace, with good friends or just enjoying time spent in luxurious surroundings. The terrace also had a hidden dance floor for your guests to dance the night away. What a way to spend a evening!

Some basic information on the house…
Footage: 52×48 (with scenes)
515 furnished (without scenes)
327 unfurnished (without scenes)
copy/modify (scenes are not modify)
no transfer

The Rezzer scene for the Cedar
– No tropical : rezz the scene and touch the grass to choose the color of the leaves of the trees ( summer, summer2, autumn, spring) (19 prims)
– Tropical: rezz the scene by touching the trunk of the palms, you can activate and deactivated the sounds of nature and decide their volume (26 prims)
– Winter: You will be amazed by this scene and be immersed in the atmosphere of a snowy winter. (72 prims).

My pictures do not do this house justice! Take the below limo to DaD Designs and see this fantastic home in person. This house also comes in an unfurnished version too!

DaD Design’s Cedar Wood House


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