I have been really busy in real life and yet I still haven’t come down to Earth.  I am  MISS V♛ EGYPT!!!  When I found out in real life I screamed…lol!!!! I was so nervous when I first thought about applying for the contest. My modeling career will be a year old on July 29th and I knew that there would be awesome top models in the contest, but after a thorough talking to and encouragement from my closest friends, I closed my eyes and hit the enter button to send my picture to Mr. Frolic Mills. I am not a contest enterer, but the Miss Virtual World Pageant is no ordinary contest…it is THE CONTEST!!!!

My picture was selected on my very first try….I was very SHOCKED, to say the least, over that! Then the hunt for a wow dress began. I looked around for dresses but my mind kept taking me back to my Zanze’s Silver Mirrors Gown. It is a sequin dream that I am simply in love with! I tore through my inventory to see what I could put with it. I found my Orage *OC* Diamond Dream gown and begin to play around with that coming up with the dress you see. Silver gloves are hard to find in Second life, so I took my pair of AZUL Eve Onyx gloves and layer my Chop Zuey Ling Ling Diamond Bracelet over that. I donned my Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Earrings, although pretty, I felt I was still lacking! I took an old feathered star hair ornament I had and paired my WTG Dragon Fes earpiece with that and made my own fascinator. I liked, very much, how it turned out.

It was with bated breathe that I walked the stage, when it was my turn. It felt like I had not breathe at all during that whole time! It was like a sweet fast blur. The announcement came fairly fast as to the results.  I began getting ims, but I hadn’t received the notice, that’s sl for you!  When I got the notice from the group…I screamed so loudly in real life that my hubby came running because he thought I had fallen…of course I let him think that, smiling!

I am very proud to be representing the country of Egypt. I have visited there several times and love the culture and history.  I am very proud to be in the Miss Virtual World Contest PERIOD!!! I will be journaling about my experiences during the contest. My precious friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the encouragement and support! My heart is still beating fast and I am still in seventh heaven over the announced results and I look forward with much excitement, to traveling the road to the crown and all that comes with it!


Zanze Mirrors Silver Gown
Orage OC Diamond Dream leg Bottoms
Orage OC Diamond Dream Bodice
WTG Dragon Fes Earpiece
feathered stars no longer available
Azul Eve Onyx Gloves
Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Earrings
Chop Zuey Ling Ling Bracelet


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