The Buffet

[VM] VERO MODERO Gulen Set Gold_008

Why is it that when you resolve to lose weight, temptation and her cousin, no will power, come knocking at your door! I want to get in pageant worthy shape for the upcoming Miss Virtual World Contest, but this buffet is calling my name…..

I do have to admit I look gorgeous and quite slim in my VERO MODERO Gulen Gold Short Set! This 2 piece short set is the female outfit of VERO MODERO Gold Couple Set. Why don’t you treat the man in your life to this awesome summer look!

I just love the new Aztec Pose Line introduced by the god of movement and grace, PosESioN! The poses are amazing and have you in various artistically styled poses!I am using Aztec Pose #3.

Why not take the below taxis and check out the Vero Modero Gulen set and to try out the new Aztec Poses at PosESioN!

Looking longingly at the food, smiles and shrugs, time to unbutton the shorts….CHOW TIME!!!

Photographer and model….me

[VM] VERO MODERO Gulen Set Gold


PosESioN Aztec Pose #3

 PosESioN  Logo



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