Lions, Tigers, and Azul…Oh My!

AZUL- GroupGift2013July_001r1

AZUL- GroupGift2013July_003 r1

Smiling…I look so amazingly magnetizing in my Azul July Group Gift, that the animals just flock to me, lool, even the 2 leg walking male homosapiens! Azul has created for July, this amazing belted mini dress that comes in Green, Orange, and in the Brown you see me wearing for her members this month and it is just perfect for summer. Make sure to grab it before July ends.  Always be fashion forward when you wear Azul!

This is one of the new poses from the god of movement and grace, PosESioN, called Lady Sexy. I am using Sexy Lady Pose 8. He continues with each of his series of poses, to awe and inspire, bringing to life whatever your are trying to portray in your work. Bravo PosESioN Bravo!

Ewww…I just stepped in something squishy on the ground….darn those animals!

photographer and model…me
Azul July Group Member Gift
Grim Brothers Ark Chapeau hat from the Arts in Hats, Hats in Art Exhibit
GizzA Frog Handkey
Slink Lulu Black Shoes
PosESioN Lady Sexy Pose 8
Donna Flora Seahorse Earrings

 PosESioN  Logo


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