The Boats and Bikinis Expo

Official Boats & Bikinis Expo Sign

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_002

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_005

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_001

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_008

The Boats and Bikinis Expo_006

Boats and Bikinis_002

Interior of JD Triumpant Boat

Village Pub at The Boats & Bikinis Expo_001

The Boats and Bikinis Expo opens today!!!

This extraordinary shopping trip traverse you along the famous French Riviera, showcasing huge water displays, with over 80 boats present for your viewing pleasure, from four of Second Life’s top boat designers, as well over 20 very talented and fantastic fashion and home furnishing/decor stores! When your tootsies get tired from walking there are places to take your easy, enjoy a drink, or just savor the atmosphere!

In addition to all of that…yes there is more!!!! There will be a fabulous treasure hunt game…stay tune for details concerning the treasure game!

I will be posting pictures of some of the exciting treasures to be had from the game! The Boats & Bikinis Expo opens today, July 25th, at 3pm SLT to the public. Sponsored and Hosted by Oceania Breedables

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

Logo..The Boats and Bikinis Expo


One response

  1. Looking forward to seeing you all here at the Boats and Bikini Expo Lots of Stuff to see and do We at Jp Collections have something special in our hunt so you wont want to miss it Also we have a nice swimming area setup so get into your favorite swim wear and jump into some fun

    Special thanks go out to the event sponsors and the Bloggers that make it all happen

    Josh Piper Jp Collections C.E.O

    July 25, 2013 at 3:20 pm

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