The Boat and Bikinis Hunt…The Packed Suitcases!

Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31

My oh my, so much awesomeness packed into the suitcases for The Boat and Bikinis Hunt!!!

Boats and Bikinis  Jp Collection Paddle Boat and Tuff Boats

In the pictures above from Jp Collections, he has for your pleasure the Liquid Limo Paddle Boat…just think of the time you will have as you leisurely traverse the water, enjoying the relaxation it will bring you, as you enjoy the passing scenery. It is truly amazing and only 5 prims plus it has a trailer for pulling!!!

Also in the same pictures are the Tuff Old Green Sailboat and Tuff Blue and White Rowboat, for your enjoyment. Some of the best time can be had upon the water and what a way to enjoy the waterways of Second Life in your very own boat! Thank you designers for packing such pleasure in your suitcases!

In the below picture, Chez Moi, has for you fishing enthusiasts, The Fishing Point! It is a 5 piece design that includes all that you see! It gives you a fishing pole, while you are seated upon the chair, and has you throwing back the rod fishing!!! Great animations!

Boats and Bikinis FABOO Daisy Bikini and Chez Moi Fishing Point

In the same picture, you see me wearing one of FABOO’s Daisy Swimsuit. It is soooo cute!!! It has tie bows on the sides and a beautiful texture of white daisies with a yellow center on a gray background. You will look sweet and like the girl next door when you wear this very pretty bikini!

In the picture below, I am wearing caLLie cLine’s impressively bold and colorful Wrap Bikini, that I have mixed and matched! I just love how it fits and looks on me!!! She also has generously given a second gift! The KittyCatS Summer Splash Boating….see the cutest little kitty cats circling around me…they are just too adorable for words!

Callie Cline KittyCats Boating Kitties and Wrapped Bikini_002

The Boat and Bikinis designers have done such a wonderful job with the gifts! Everything is first class and you will be ecstatic with what you will find on the Boat and Bikinis Hunt!

photographer and model…me

Start the hunt from this location…

Information about the hunt can be found on my blog or at….


One response

  1. thak you!!! so glad you like the bikini!! the KittyCatS in the boats were a gift from KittyCatS! so i’m really not that generous!! we just shared a shell 😛

    anyway, happy you are enjoying!!! great post!

    July 27, 2013 at 12:59 pm

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