The Boat and Bikinis Hunt…The Packed Suitcases 2!

Boats and Bikinis Hunt - July 25 - 31

I hope you are enjoying The Boat and Bikinis Hunt! More unpacked suitcases from The Boat and Bikinis Hunt to share with you!!!!

In the picture below from the gachas from [UN] Beach Towel we have from the top row Sunset RARE, Hibiscus, Bamboo, and Ocean Waves. Bottom row we have Sailor’s Love, Dolphin RARE, Bandana, and Koi RARE, The Beach Towel Bonanza! They have awesome poses that allow you to sunbathe! What a stylish way to lay on the beach!

[UN] Beach TowelSunset RARE, Hibiscus, Bamboo, Ocean Waves, Sailor's Love, Dolphin RARE, Bandana, Koi RARE _001

Our next picture below you see from Luas Urban Style the colorful Joana Dress, with rope belt, in Pink. It can be worn for a variety of occasions outside the beach. It can even be paired over jeans to create a Boho look, that is a hot trend for this season. Smiles, what a pretty little dress packed in this suitcase…just begging to be claimed!

Luas Urban Style - Joana Dress Pink


Start the hunt from this location…

Information about the hunt can be found on my blog or at….


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