The Adagio Modern Luxury Home by Maven Homes

The Adagio_026

When I saw and entered this beautiful modern luxury home, I immediately felt that it truly fits the musical definition for its name, Adagio, which means slowly, leisurely, and gracefully! As you walk through the house, you feel you can’t rush through it. It is a home that beckons you to just take your time, be leisure, enjoy the three levels of graceful luxury that Cain Maven has designed for your visual pleasure and physical use. This designer/builder is truly a master builder! The Adagio Modern Luxury Home by Maven Homes is an example of why!

The Adagio_001

The Adagio_002

The Adagio_007

The Adagio_004

The Adagio_023

Even before you enter the home, you and your guests are greeted on one side by a illusion pool that flows from inside the house’s double faced 2 story fireplace to the small pool outside with a delightful water spray. On the other side of the impressive entrance that have planters on either side of the slate stairs, there is another outdoor patio. There is also a house controller outside in the entry for your convenience. Through the doors, as you enter the home, to your left is a small walkway over the water that leads to the outside pool. You are immediately impressed by the sheer size of living space. Mr. Maven did a magnificent job of combining glass, natural woods, and stone.

The Adagio_009

The Adagio_011

The Adagio_010

The Adagio_012

The Adagio_013

The Adagio_015

There is a entertainment bar with stools, with an glass door exit behind it to stylishly go outside. On the first floor there are very few walls to interrupt the flow of the space. On this level, there is a door to an outdoor small private swimming pool, great for entertaining, or just taking your leisure with the kids. The room also boasts a clear see through 2 story fireplace which makes a awesome spot for sitting and enjoying the fireplace, as you watch the water play that trickles down and out to the outdoor illusion pool. The huge kitchen allows you to be part of the action on the first floor. Nothing but the best appliances, double door refrigerator, dishwasher, counter top cook top, stove, and microwave! there is a sink with running water! Lots of counter space and cabinets…there’s even plenty of room for the gang to join you in the kitchen as there is a breakfast counter top with stools too!

The Adagio_017

The Adagio_018

The Adagio_019

The Adagio_020

The Adagio_021

As you walk up the glass enclosed staircase, even the most jaded cannot help but be impressed with the layout of the home. The second floor has a luxurious large bathroom, there are several rooms with balcony access, the second level of that amazing fireplace! There is so much space in this house that you will never feel crowded no matter how many you have in your family! The doors throughout the house are wood and smoked glass which adds even more drama to the already beautiful space! Throughout the home you will find house controllers, which controls the access, security, lights, windows, and doors for the entire house. You will never want to leave this home and it will quickly become the gathering place for your family and friends! The built in curves, the shapes, nooks, and crannies are just phenomenal and fit into this house perfectly as visual beauty. Continuing up the stairs to the 3rd level, you enter an open area, that is practically all glass and has a web based television upon the wall. There are many blinds placed throughout the home including on the third level, to shade if you wish. Outside on this level there is a huge pool, balcony space, and a another room. This house is  wonderfully designed and built, with the upmost care to details, structure, and with many amenities that make your comfort and visual stimulation foremost!

Some useful information about the house….
Land impact: 450
Size: 48 m x 37 m
Recommended parcel: 4096 sqm or larger


• Three bedrooms
• Large and open living room with fireplace.
• Kitchen and dining area, complete with an island and a full set of appliances
• Bathroom
• Bar
• Penthouse


• Ground-level swimming pool
• Roof top swimming pool with integrated hot tub
• Two fireplaces
• Interior waterfall
• Three balconies


• Sculpted blinds can be raised, open, or closed
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint
• Privacy mode (one-way windows)
• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lockable doors
• Doors can be set to open automatically

Before you purchase your next home, take the below limo to Maven Homes, to find your home of homes!

The Adagio3 Modern Luxury Home by Maven Homes

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