The Nosy House Guest featuring Image Essentials-The Diary for the Madpea: Cry of the Peacock Hunt


Having been invited recently to be a guest at a gorgeous villa, I accepted immediately! The proud homeowner gave me the grand tour. The last stop was their bedroom, so I would know the location if I needed anything. While in the magnificently furnished room, I noticed a open diary on the table. Throughout the day’s planned activities my mind kept going back to that open diary! What was in it, which of my hosts it belongs to, am I mentioned in it…my curiosity was KILLING ME!!! That evening my hosts had planned a party and I pleaded a headache and went upstairs to my suite, which is at the opposite end of the villa, so I crept across the balcony and went into their room…..


Hey, its not like you haven’t done it!!!! Looked in a medicine cabinet, peeked in a drawer, an opened purse…smiles  I hope they don’t miss this apple!


This story is possible because of the amazing prop table designed by the fabulous and very talented Kay Weston of Image Essentials! The name of this fun prop is The Diary. You touch the compass on the table for the pose, and you touch the table for a magnifying glass. I had fun making up this story using this really cool table prop! You can use this in all sorts of scenes for photography, role play, decorative…you are only limited by your imagination! Guess what…..its free, that is if you can find the clues to find it on Madpea: Cry of the Peacock Hunt!!!


The Sequel to Room 326!

The fortune teller Madame Peacock is back from investigating the mystery of Room 326 and has discovered the shocking truth! However, not all is lost. She needs the help of a brave detective with a sharp wit to face all odds and free the victims trapped souls. With the help of her tarot cards and your investigative skills, the future looks bright, but what does fate have in store for you?

Photographer and model….me
The Diary by Image Essentials for the Madpea Hunt


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