Oh Bell Boy!

[VM] VERO MODERO Bonnie Bikini Red_016

Where is a bell boy when you need him and a fruity umbrella drink! I am all set to hit the sand in my VERO MODERO Bonnie Bikini in Red.  This bikini is a 2 piece, strapless top, side round silver ring, flirty ruffled bottom suit. It also comes with this fabulous beach bag. You will be a total beach babe in this bikini!

Oh well who needs a bell boy when you will have all the men following you in your Vero Modero Bonnie Bikini!

This is a new  pose set named Crystal! It is totally awesome and was created by the god of movement and grace, smiling, I love calling him that, PosESioN! Dahriel is such a very talented pose maker! I am using Crystal Pose 10.

Photographer and model…me

Vero Modero Bonnie Bikini
Tyger Burning Bright Headband, Bangles, and Necklace by Chop Zuey
PosESioN Crystal Pose 10








 PosESioN  Logo


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