New Releases From Lumiere

Slatt Sparking Chair -A-Whitewash_002

August brings many new home decor/furnishings releases from Lumiere! I will be showing you a couple. I am one of those who like to feature furnishings in room settings. It gives you ideas as to how you can use the designs and I LOVE to arrange furniture….smiles

Our first picture, above, features a adorable and romantic design named Splatt Sparking Chair by Lumiere. In the olden days they were called courting chairs. A man would sit on one side and the lady on the other, close enough to have that intimate tête-à-tête but far enough apart so that the chaperones couldn’t fuss! There is a pose menu in one seats for a male and in the other for a female. I love this style of chair, because it is so versatile, as you can use this in your garden, on your patio, or in your home. Actually it can be placed anywhere for a special moment with the one you care about! This also comes in a darker finish too! On the wall, you see two very nice Silver Horn Wall Sconces by Lumiere that adds just the right amount of glow upon the wall! To finish off the look, I added 2 nicely potted medium plants by Persnickety and a Ceawlin Texture Change Victorian Rug.

In the second Picture, you see a beautiful glass and gold base Leaf table and Leaf Lamp by Lumiere. it is the perfect accent table and lamp for any room. Here you see that I have placed it in the entry way and makes that area look welcoming and colorful! The rug is Ceawlin Texture Change Victorian Rug and the four pictures above are Tutti-Fruiti Pictures by LISP Bazaar .

Lumiere Leaf Side Table and Leaf Lamp_003

Our last picture, below, you see the Craft Reading Table in Green and the Ladderback Chair with the Yellow Diamond pattern for the chair seat, both by Lumiere. The menu pose, for the chair, have you reading at the table. The table and chairs come in several colors and will look just lovely in your home. Hanging overhead you see a beautiful white Country Chic Chandelier also by Lumiere. There is also a large Picture Heart with lace by Persnickety, A Paris Rug by Kaerri, a
English Ivy in Antique Verdigris Teal Turquoise Planter by ETC. and 2 LISP Lilac and Mint Frames that completes this pretty scene.

Craft Reading Table Green_007


Craft Reading Table Green by Lumiere
White Splatt Sparking Chair by Lumiere
Silver Horn Wall Sconces by Lumiere
Ladderback Chair – Yellow Diamond by Lumiere
Country Chic Chandelier by Lumiere
Paris Rug by Kaerri
Picture Heart w/lace by Persnickety
Medium Floor Plants by Persnickety
ETC. English Ivy in Antique Verdigris Teal Turquoise Planter
LISP – Lilac Frame
LISP – Mint Frame
Ceawlin Texture Change Victorian Rug


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