Image Essentials’ Love Couch @ The Thrift Shop


Image Essentials is proud to be part of the August round at the Thrift Shop with the LOVE Couch. This current round will end August 31st. This amazing mesh couch is a couple’s couch that spells out LOVE! It has 8 fantastic adjustable couple poses which are Chat, Summer, Entwine, Revel, Engage, Home, Admire, and Beside! The very talented Kay Weston, of Image Essentials, has done the entire alphabet in mesh and if you want a different word, you have only to contact her directly for assistance with any word you wish!  Awesome huh…just think of the possibilities!!!

The LOVE Couch is waiting at the Thrift Shop for you! Show your love, by buying the LOVE Couch!

The LOVE Couch, by Image Essentials
For custom words, please contact, inworld, Kay Weston, Image Essentials


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