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Miss Virtual World Opera Challenge Entry from MISS V♛ EGYPT desireme Fallen

Backstage Opera Challenge_008

Today I got to be a diva….a Opera Diva!  The Opera Challenge was very interesting as I love Opera! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that I would get to portray one of the greatest Opera characters…Aida!  Thanks to Belle Rousell, of Chop Zuey, who by the way is a real life Opera Singer, and have sung around the world, composed a list of some of the greatest Opera Divas. This list was made by Belle Rousell even before the final list of official misses came out. So all numbers are totally random! I was assigned by random number to Aida.   Aida  by  Verdi, is basically another love triangle in lavish Italian opera style! Aida, an Ethiopian Princess is captured. She is Strong, loyal, regal but conflicted. I have seen the production in real life, and it is astonishing…. a visual feast to the senses!!!

Backstage Opera Challenge_010

I did research on the various productions from around the world of Aida. The costume designers were phenomenal in their design’s choices for the role. My inspiration came from the costume designers who dressed the various Sopranos who have played Aida. Although she was enslaved, her style of dress never let you forget that she is a princess! Bold, colorful, and regalness I borrowed from the various Sopranos to envision this look.

Backstage Opera Challenge_007

Below are the results from the Opera Challenge, September 29th

And here are the top 12 for the OPERA CHALLENGE:

Amita Yorcliffe – MISS V♛ MONGOLIA
Beatrice Serendipity – MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM
Astralia Resident – MISS V♛ DENMARK
Evaluxury Resident (Eva Luxury) – MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
Anjelica Carling – MISS V♛ JAPAN
Averil Resident – MISS V♛ USA
Euridice Qork – MISS V♛ MEXICO
desireme Fallen – MISS V♛ EGYPT
Selina Graycloud – MISS V♛ KIRIBATI
Precise Frimon – MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO

Congratulations to all the Misses, as they all were fabulous!!!!

Thanks to the judges and BonieFacio Resident for the beautiful video.

Miss Virtual World Bridal Challenge Entry from MISS V♛ EGYPT

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_014

I don’t know where to begin….today was the most exciting day in my modeling career!!! As you all know I am Miss Egypt in the Miss Virtual World Contest. Yes it is a contest, not a beauty pageant! Well, today was the official presentation to the press and the world of all 32 contestants! Our very first challenge was that of being a beautiful bride…here’s the catch…you couldn’t buy an off the rack wedding dress;you had to put together your own wedding gown!

Part of my inspiration came from the wedding scene in Adam Sandler’s Movie, Click. When I have watched that scene, I would often wonder to myself, how would Vivienne Westwood design a wedding gown for the future. Borrowing from her spunkiness, dare to go there flair, and over the top style, I made my gown.

My wedding gown is Red. Not all brides want a white wedding gown. Laughing, some of us shouldn’t wear white either…lool Smiling, bad joke…White virginal and pure…giggling. In my imagination for the future bride, she will want color, bold, and attention grabbing!

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_006

I have as a base the gorgeous and amazing Zanze Mirrors Blood Gown. It is a tight fighting sheath from the bodice to the edge of the gown. I like tight, smiling! The Mirrors Gown is currently available at Zanze’s in a flattering palette of colors. No matter your skin tone, this gown will make you instantly glamorous wherever you wear it! I added to my foundation the Pipin’s Isabelle Dress Red Skirt attachments 1 and 2. From Violator, I had the phenomenal Forgotten Realms Veil in Red. The veil did it for me…it was PERFECT for my wedding gown!!! It really brought the look together!  As adornment for my veil, I added Mandala’s Diamond Kimono Head Accessory Flower Red Rushana & Polly.  Jewelry was very simple…Diamond Dangle Earrings from my favorite Jeweler, Chop Zuey! Just the perfect touch! I donned a pair of exquisite gloves from my AZUL Laetitia/Garnet Gown. Voilà, I have my futuristic, over the top, Vivienne Westwood inspired Wedding Gown!

To bring my look to life, I used the best wedding walk I have ever seen by IsoMotion. My default stand was so right for me, it kept my gown on the floor and leveled!!! That superb wedding stand was also from IsoMotion! I owe my ethereal bride moves to none other than the god of grace and movement, PosESioN! I used Ruby 5, Crystal 9, and Obsura 1. Adding to my Vivienne Westwood vibe also was the IsoMotion Skirt 3 Pose. It gave my posing a grandeur that I felt while posing!

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_016

It was a blast to make and even more fun to wear! I wish to thank all the designers I used parts from for originally making their designs, as it helped me to make my design for Miss Virtual World Beautiful Bride Challenge!

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_019

Below are the challenge winners for the MVW Bridal Challenge, September 22nd OMG!!!  I am very happy to say I that I am one of them!!!!!

The top 12 scores (in no particular order) for the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD – BRIDAL CHALLENGE are:

Anjelica Carling –  MISS V♛ JAPAN
SD Damiano –  MISS V♛ BRAZIL
DJ Cottoncandy Teardrop –  MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA
Shelby Matfield –  MISS V♛ ETHIOPIA
Eva Luxuria – MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
Locuala Madruga – MISS V♛ INDIA
Mila Blauvelt – MISS V♛ PERU
Desireme Fallen – MISS V♛ EGYPT…
Naarnisse Resident – MISS V♛ SPAIN
njegovanka Resident – MISS V♛ ARGENTINA
Spirit Llewellyn – MISS V♛ BELIZE

If you are a contestant and your name is not here, do not worry; You could be the winner of the OPERA CHALLENGE and change things around. Lots of stuff to still judge before the final evening on DECEMBER 14TH!

Congratulations to the top 12!!

Frolic Mills

Photographer and Model….me

The Black Pearl

Black Pearl dress r1

The infamous Black Pearl was the ship that was in the Pirates of The Caribbean. It was exclusive, uniquely beyond compare, and very sought after by men who wanted to possess her. Become as desired as that legendary ship, when you wear Black Pearl by Vero Modero!

photographer and model…me

Black Pearl Gown by Vero Modero
Fatal Earrings by Modern Couture


Some Things Never Change!

Zanze Sabrina and Poseion Ruby 10 Pose_003

No matter how old you are, the first day of class….is nerve wrecking! As I run across the campus of The University of Newcastle, my thoughts, through all the helter skelter, drift back to my very first day of grade school. Laughing, I must have suffered from some serious abandonment issues, as I balled like a baby as my mom handed me over to the kindergarten teacher, after prying my little hands off her body and then I peed on myself…lool

Well, years later, I look outwardly calm and really grad school chic in my ZE Sabrina Sweater Dress! I like how this pretty dress fits. It comes with a hud that has 4 colors you can choose from for the dress and 5 sizes from XS to XL for a great fit! The ZE Sabrina Sweater Dress is very versatile, as you can pair it with a coat for a more professional/dressy look, or don a pair of leggings and a bolero and many other combinations! Anyway you choose to style it, you will be fashionably in the moment!

I am using a fantastic new pose from the god of grace and movement, PosESioN, named the Ruby Set! I love how this poses me. This is pose 10 from the set. The poses that Dahriel has been introducing for this new season, are just awesome! You must make it a point to take some time out and go over to PosESioN and check out the many new poses he has made.

Back to the problem at hand, hmm….CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE THE REGISTAR OFFICE IS!!!

photographer and model…me

ZE Sabrina Sweater Dress
ISON Cult Riding Boots
GizzA Compass Necklace
GizzA Asia Watch & Bracelet
Tee*fy Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack Brown Dots

Slow Your Roll!

GizzA  HandkeysTeddy  GizzA Asia Watch&Bracelet Black-Gold and Miss Canning Mobile Phone

Some days it feels like we have so much to do and so little time to do it all in!  When I think of the things I have to do in real life, for family, friends, and events, some time it feels overwhelming!  So today’s lesson for me….Slow your roll!

We can just do so much…STOP… and take the time to be in the moment! There will always be things to do, but you may not always be able to get that moment back of time to just live.  As usual I am rushing off to someplace and you see my barreling down the stairs of my home in [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Lets Get Loud!  Let’s Get Loud, from the K Collection,  is a very pretty 2 piece that will take you through a variety of social functions, work, shopping, drinks, etc., It has a hud that gives you 2 amazing choices for the Jacket and 4 fabulous color palettes for the skirt. Smiling…I highly recommend this for your in between summer and fall wardrobe to maintain the level of chicness you are accustom to displaying.

Liv Glam Living Out Loud and PoSEion Ruby Pose 1_014

I used some phenomenal accessories! I am sporting the ever so chic GizzA Asia Black-Gold Watch & Bracelet, which is available in several colors and reigns supreme upon my arm. I love to swing my keys in real life from my fingers…why should it be any different in second life? GizzA HandKey Teddy lets me do just that…swing my keys! There are many great ones to choose from with and without poses.

Pallas Athena Earrings and JMB tiger  Sunglasses

Chop Zuey never ceases to amaze me with the jewelry she creates. She is truly a girl’s best friend! The Pallas Athena Earrings are just exquisite! They are a part of a truly magnificent necklace set. They look equally perfect whether you are wearing a formal gown to meet the queen in to jeans and coffee with the girls! I really love these earrings…if Chop Zuey isn’t on your favorite tps…put her there now!

I really like the group gift from Miss Canning, the mobile phone…I wish I could call on it…lool

The god of movement and grace, PosESioN, has made the perfect pose for me to use for my picture…Ruby Set! I love how it makes me appear on the stairs. I am using Ruby 1. If you have not been to PosESioN lately, you are missing out!!! Dahriel is constantly putting out some really fantastic artistic poses and plus he has been running a lot of sales too! New and seasoned models, photographers, now is the time to stock up! PosESioN poses really add life to your pictures…right now go there and check out the newly remodeled store and the new poses! See ya there!

photographer and model….me

[LG] Boutique-Summer 13 Lets Get Loud
GizzA – Asia Black/Gold Watch & Bracelet
GizzA – Handkeys Teddy
Miss Canning Mobile Phone
Pallas Athena Earrings
JMB tiger Sun glasses
Lourdes Bag
N-Core Black Ultraplatforms

 PosESioN  Logo



New Designs from Lumiere

Lumiere Formal Set

Lumiere Nature Lamp

Lumiere Formal Chair

Lumiere Grasshopper Lamp and Lounger_017

Lumiere has released new designs that are sure to please, both the visual and your linden balance! The first picture shows The Formal Entry Chair, Bench,  Formal End Table with Glass Insert, Buggy Whip Planter, Nature Lamp, which I may add, has a base of moving water beneath the cattails and is a touch on and off lamp with a fantastic shade, and Indian (India) Rug Pattern 004. I really love the patterns he chose for the rug, and furniture!

Lumiere has a range of furnishings from the eclectic to the contemporary…you are sure to find whatever your fancy!

The fourth picture, you see the new Grasshopper and Lamp set.  It is a contemporary, black and chrome lounger and a over hanging retractable chrome lamp.  Upon touch the lamp will retract and turn on!  How amazing is that!!!

These and other designs awaits you this month, at Lumiere!

Formal Entry Chair, Bench, Formal End Table with Glass Insert, Buggy Whip Planter, Nature Lamp, Indian (India) Rug Pattern 004, and Grasshopper and Lamp set by Lumiere
BlackRug*-paris by MELU DECO
Magazine -Coastal Living by Lustre Designs owned by Honey Lustre
coffee mug Mickey mouse (relaxin’) by uota Noel
Klimt Gorgones framed by Trinity Beaumont

Introducing The Buchanan By Kaerri

The Buchanan

The Buchanan

BOSL Furniture for Fashion w_005

BOSL Furniture for Fashion w_006

The Buchanan

BOSL Furniture for Fashion w_009

Kaerri has always been synonymous with style, elegance, and functionality, all at an affordable price! I have the privilege of introducing a new line by Kaerri…The Buchanan!

The Buchanan is luxury personified! It takes you back to an era when women bobbed their hair, bath tub gin parties were in, a speakeasy was a joint to be seen at, and it was nothing at all to jump into a pool in your all flapper finery!

You work hard, play harder and you owe it to yourself to have these beautiful furnishings to surround yourself with to bask in the ambience that will be yours when you buy The Buchanan Set!

Be sure to make it BOSL Fashion Week 2013 on Saturday, September 21st at 2:00 pm, for the TRIBUTE TO ELIE SAAB. As esteemed designers provide the couture for the runway, Kaerri Furnishings has the honor of providing the couture for the stage!

Be fashionable…buy The Buchanan by Kaerri

photographs by me
Buchanan Furnishings by Kaerri

Kaerri Logotype 512