Slow Your Roll!

GizzA  HandkeysTeddy  GizzA Asia Watch&Bracelet Black-Gold and Miss Canning Mobile Phone

Some days it feels like we have so much to do and so little time to do it all in!  When I think of the things I have to do in real life, for family, friends, and events, some time it feels overwhelming!  So today’s lesson for me….Slow your roll!

We can just do so much…STOP… and take the time to be in the moment! There will always be things to do, but you may not always be able to get that moment back of time to just live.  As usual I am rushing off to someplace and you see my barreling down the stairs of my home in [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Lets Get Loud!  Let’s Get Loud, from the K Collection,  is a very pretty 2 piece that will take you through a variety of social functions, work, shopping, drinks, etc., It has a hud that gives you 2 amazing choices for the Jacket and 4 fabulous color palettes for the skirt. Smiling…I highly recommend this for your in between summer and fall wardrobe to maintain the level of chicness you are accustom to displaying.

Liv Glam Living Out Loud and PoSEion Ruby Pose 1_014

I used some phenomenal accessories! I am sporting the ever so chic GizzA Asia Black-Gold Watch & Bracelet, which is available in several colors and reigns supreme upon my arm. I love to swing my keys in real life from my fingers…why should it be any different in second life? GizzA HandKey Teddy lets me do just that…swing my keys! There are many great ones to choose from with and without poses.

Pallas Athena Earrings and JMB tiger  Sunglasses

Chop Zuey never ceases to amaze me with the jewelry she creates. She is truly a girl’s best friend! The Pallas Athena Earrings are just exquisite! They are a part of a truly magnificent necklace set. They look equally perfect whether you are wearing a formal gown to meet the queen in to jeans and coffee with the girls! I really love these earrings…if Chop Zuey isn’t on your favorite tps…put her there now!

I really like the group gift from Miss Canning, the mobile phone…I wish I could call on it…lool

The god of movement and grace, PosESioN, has made the perfect pose for me to use for my picture…Ruby Set! I love how it makes me appear on the stairs. I am using Ruby 1. If you have not been to PosESioN lately, you are missing out!!! Dahriel is constantly putting out some really fantastic artistic poses and plus he has been running a lot of sales too! New and seasoned models, photographers, now is the time to stock up! PosESioN poses really add life to your pictures…right now go there and check out the newly remodeled store and the new poses! See ya there!

photographer and model….me

[LG] Boutique-Summer 13 Lets Get Loud
GizzA – Asia Black/Gold Watch & Bracelet
GizzA – Handkeys Teddy
Miss Canning Mobile Phone
Pallas Athena Earrings
JMB tiger Sun glasses
Lourdes Bag
N-Core Black Ultraplatforms

 PosESioN  Logo




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