Miss Virtual World Bridal Challenge Entry from MISS V♛ EGYPT

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_014

I don’t know where to begin….today was the most exciting day in my modeling career!!! As you all know I am Miss Egypt in the Miss Virtual World Contest. Yes it is a contest, not a beauty pageant! Well, today was the official presentation to the press and the world of all 32 contestants! Our very first challenge was that of being a beautiful bride…here’s the catch…you couldn’t buy an off the rack wedding dress;you had to put together your own wedding gown!

Part of my inspiration came from the wedding scene in Adam Sandler’s Movie, Click. When I have watched that scene, I would often wonder to myself, how would Vivienne Westwood design a wedding gown for the future. Borrowing from her spunkiness, dare to go there flair, and over the top style, I made my gown.

My wedding gown is Red. Not all brides want a white wedding gown. Laughing, some of us shouldn’t wear white either…lool Smiling, bad joke…White virginal and pure…giggling. In my imagination for the future bride, she will want color, bold, and attention grabbing!

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_006

I have as a base the gorgeous and amazing Zanze Mirrors Blood Gown. It is a tight fighting sheath from the bodice to the edge of the gown. I like tight, smiling! The Mirrors Gown is currently available at Zanze’s in a flattering palette of colors. No matter your skin tone, this gown will make you instantly glamorous wherever you wear it! I added to my foundation the Pipin’s Isabelle Dress Red Skirt attachments 1 and 2. From Violator, I had the phenomenal Forgotten Realms Veil in Red. The veil did it for me…it was PERFECT for my wedding gown!!! It really brought the look together!  As adornment for my veil, I added Mandala’s Diamond Kimono Head Accessory Flower Red Rushana & Polly.  Jewelry was very simple…Diamond Dangle Earrings from my favorite Jeweler, Chop Zuey! Just the perfect touch! I donned a pair of exquisite gloves from my AZUL Laetitia/Garnet Gown. Voilà, I have my futuristic, over the top, Vivienne Westwood inspired Wedding Gown!

To bring my look to life, I used the best wedding walk I have ever seen by IsoMotion. My default stand was so right for me, it kept my gown on the floor and leveled!!! That superb wedding stand was also from IsoMotion! I owe my ethereal bride moves to none other than the god of grace and movement, PosESioN! I used Ruby 5, Crystal 9, and Obsura 1. Adding to my Vivienne Westwood vibe also was the IsoMotion Skirt 3 Pose. It gave my posing a grandeur that I felt while posing!

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_016

It was a blast to make and even more fun to wear! I wish to thank all the designers I used parts from for originally making their designs, as it helped me to make my design for Miss Virtual World Beautiful Bride Challenge!

MVW Bridal Challenge 9-22-13_019

Below are the challenge winners for the MVW Bridal Challenge, September 22nd OMG!!!  I am very happy to say I that I am one of them!!!!!

The top 12 scores (in no particular order) for the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD – BRIDAL CHALLENGE are:

Anjelica Carling –  MISS V♛ JAPAN
SD Damiano –  MISS V♛ BRAZIL
DJ Cottoncandy Teardrop –  MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA
Shelby Matfield –  MISS V♛ ETHIOPIA
Eva Luxuria – MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
Locuala Madruga – MISS V♛ INDIA
Mila Blauvelt – MISS V♛ PERU
Desireme Fallen – MISS V♛ EGYPT…
Naarnisse Resident – MISS V♛ SPAIN
njegovanka Resident – MISS V♛ ARGENTINA
Spirit Llewellyn – MISS V♛ BELIZE

If you are a contestant and your name is not here, do not worry; You could be the winner of the OPERA CHALLENGE and change things around. Lots of stuff to still judge before the final evening on DECEMBER 14TH!

Congratulations to the top 12!!

Frolic Mills

Photographer and Model….me


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  1. aihienrichs

    Congrats Desi. Lovely bride. 🙂

    September 22, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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