Miss Virtual World Opera Challenge Entry from MISS V♛ EGYPT desireme Fallen

Backstage Opera Challenge_008

Today I got to be a diva….a Opera Diva!  The Opera Challenge was very interesting as I love Opera! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that I would get to portray one of the greatest Opera characters…Aida!  Thanks to Belle Rousell, of Chop Zuey, who by the way is a real life Opera Singer, and have sung around the world, composed a list of some of the greatest Opera Divas. This list was made by Belle Rousell even before the final list of official misses came out. So all numbers are totally random! I was assigned by random number to Aida.   Aida  by  Verdi, is basically another love triangle in lavish Italian opera style! Aida, an Ethiopian Princess is captured. She is Strong, loyal, regal but conflicted. I have seen the production in real life, and it is astonishing…. a visual feast to the senses!!!

Backstage Opera Challenge_010

I did research on the various productions from around the world of Aida. The costume designers were phenomenal in their design’s choices for the role. My inspiration came from the costume designers who dressed the various Sopranos who have played Aida. Although she was enslaved, her style of dress never let you forget that she is a princess! Bold, colorful, and regalness I borrowed from the various Sopranos to envision this look.

Backstage Opera Challenge_007

Below are the results from the Opera Challenge, September 29th

And here are the top 12 for the OPERA CHALLENGE:

Amita Yorcliffe – MISS V♛ MONGOLIA
Beatrice Serendipity – MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM
Astralia Resident – MISS V♛ DENMARK
Evaluxury Resident (Eva Luxury) – MISS V♛ BAHAMAS
Anjelica Carling – MISS V♛ JAPAN
Averil Resident – MISS V♛ USA
Euridice Qork – MISS V♛ MEXICO
desireme Fallen – MISS V♛ EGYPT
Selina Graycloud – MISS V♛ KIRIBATI
Precise Frimon – MISS V♛ PUERTO RICO

Congratulations to all the Misses, as they all were fabulous!!!!

Thanks to the judges and BonieFacio Resident for the beautiful video.



2 responses

  1. aihienrichs

    Congrats again Desi. Keep it up!

    September 29, 2013 at 11:44 pm

  2. I’m so proud of you, Desi! Congratulations sweets! Keep rockin socks girl!

    September 30, 2013 at 1:38 am

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