A Concubine’s Gift

When Elephant Dreams Picture_004

The women of a harem were never seen by any man outside of a eunuch who would act as servants and guards over the seraglio. These fabled beautiful creatures lived in a golden caged world of luxury and competition for the love and attention of one man! This favored concubine, who is veiled to our eyes, as custom dictates, has caught the eye of the Ottoman Sultan himself! The Sultan has sent to her, very valuable jewels fashioned in the likeness of his beloved elephant, Shaboo! As we sneak a peek into her quarters, we see a case has been delivered from the Jeweler of all Jewelers, Chop Zuey, which contains the exquisite “When Elephant Dreams Necklace and matching Horn Gold Tipped Earrings Set”! She is stunned into reverential silence as she gazes at the magnificent suite of jewels.


This amazing set is not only beautiful in appearance and on any who is lucky enough to wear it, but it is jewelry with a monumental purpose! Belle Roussel, for the second year and after great success with the first, has begun another campaign for the World WildLife Fund! She has created The regal “When Elephant Dreams Set“, which is a women’s necklace and earrings set in Diamonds and Black Moonstones which are set in Gold. Guys, she hasn’t forgotten about you! Belle has also created a gorgeous necklace for you as well, named “Panther Incensed“! It is a men’s necklace designed in Ruthinium, Peridots, and Diamonds set in Gold.


Both are available now at Chop Zuey! What is also awesome is that 100% of the sales of both are donated to the World Wildlife Fund! This campaign will run until December 31st. Please show your support for the animal creatures we share our home, Planet Earth, with by buying these phenomenal jewelry pieces!

photographer and model..me
Photographer…Chop Zuey
When Elephant Dreams Set by Chop Zuey Panther Incensed Necklace by Chop Zuey http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/41/136/26


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