Christmas Time, Shopping Time…Here’s a Great Idea!



I have heard some really funny stories of “holidays with the family in Second Life” In my real life I love the family tugs of war(power struggles), the family fights around the table…lool Smiling, just because we are pixels here does not eliminate the family dynamics! If you need a getaway from all that love and what the family brings when they visit, The Eco III Contemporary Furnished Home, by Maven Homes will make a wonderful escape!


The Echo by Maven Homes_006

It is a one level home, gorgeously fully furnished house. It makes for an excellent weekend home and even as your regular residence! Linden Labs should take a look at what Master builder, Cain Maven, have with this beautiful, yet practical home. Cain Maven makes great use of prims with this design and the layout! It is very stylish, comfortable and practical. The home is compact, yet spacious with its open floor plan! Entertaining is a breeze in this home, laughing, and no room for overnight guests!  The large glass windows, throughout the home, will afford you beautiful views of your land, fantastic sunsets and starry nights. There are so many uses for this home! You can use it as your weekend place, as it works perfectly in the sky as it does on land. This can be your primary home, if you have a small parcel with a low prim allowance. You can place the home on your sim, for visitors to stop and rest at, while exploring your sim.  As a guest house, what  guest would turn down a stay in this awesome house! It can work as a great work studio as well! It is limitless the uses you can come up with for this spectacular home! The home has a certain desirable flow to it and the colorful chic furnishing just further adds to the ambience of the open space.




The house is truly a magnificently designed home…just imagine it nestled in a woodland setting! The main space of the home, which has been decorated in the restful hues of blues, grays, white, black, wood, chrome, and glass. At one end you see the living room area perfectly situated. I placed the home inside of an orb, just look at the views from the windows…just beautiful! The other end of the room, you will find the dining area and entrance to the generous sized bedroom. You can enter the back patio, where there is a delightful water fall and hot tub either through the bedroom door or from the living room. The house has a Home Control System that operates the lighting, security access, and doors




The price is just perfect too and makes for a fantastic holiday gift! Heck, this home is great any time of year! Why not gift this fantastic home to a loved one or dear friend! Imagine the joy you will give to someone who finds The Eco III Contemporary Home, by Maven Homes under their tree or in their stocking!


Information on the house:

Land Impact 185
Size 25 m x 27 m
Recommended parcel Size 1024 sqm or larger

• Bedroom
• Open floor plan, separate room for the bedroom
• Patio with hot tub and waterfall

• Totally furnished

• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Lockable doors that can be set to open automatically

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