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Communing with the Ancestors

AZUL DRESS ANGELICA CARING MVW_004 adj1I thought I would pay the old boys a visit, at the family ancestral home. I am picture perfect in the beautiful Azul’s Anjelica Gown! This gorgeous black and teal gown was worn by the most gracious Anjelica during the evening part of the Miss Virtual World contest, in which she won! She looked exquisite in it!

I think the old boys would definitely approve and give me the proverbial family thumbs up representing our peerage in my elegant Azul Anjelica MVW 2014 Gown!

model and photographer…me

Anjelica MVW Evening 2014 Gown…Azul



As the Queen slowly turns around, she yells “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”, if you do not make it to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival to get these most charming Enfant Terrible’s Fashun Crowns and Staffs!

Although caught in one of those “queenly moods”, whispering to you…she almost had to wait on her crumpets, she wears the Rare Pastel Blue Crown beautifully and holds, regally, her symbol of power, her Rare Blue Pastel Staff! This amazing and whimsical crown and staff are among the gachas, from Enfant Terrible, that you can win, starting February 1st at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

.Enfant Terrible. Fashun crowns for FGC

The Enfant Terrible’s Fashun Crowns and Staffs are great for role play, and also make a phenomenal fashion statement when worn with your favorite outfits!

Do not incur the wrath of this queen! Be sure to grab the Enfant Terrible Fashun Crowns and Staffs at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!  Start saving those Lindens and have fun!!!!

model and photographer…me
Fashun Crowns and Staffs Gacha Ad…Enfant Terrible

Enfant Terrible. Staff Pastel Blue RARE

Enfant Terrible. Crown Pastel Blue RARE

Just Give Them Pink and White Padparadscha Sapphires and Diamonds, Ma chère!

The Duke couldn’t believe his ears when he said to his beautiful, delightful, over indulged, but emptied headed wife, who brought to him more land and riches with their marriage, “PEOPLE ARE STARVING WOMAN” he roared, that she was heard to uttered back to him, “just give them Pink and White Padparadscha Sapphires and Diamonds” ma chère as she absently continued to admired herself wearing the very stunning Majesty Necklace! It is obvious that the premier jeweler, to Kings and Queens, Chop Zuey, has paid a visit with  another superlative suite of jewels, that she could not and will not live without and would drive him to debtor’s prison to possess!  Chop Zuey was THE jeweler to only the most fashionable of courts throughout the land and could be counted on to supply only the finest creations bar second to none!
majestypadsapp necklace
The exquisite suite that has been commissioned, designed, and created by Madame Belle Roussel that now fascinated his Duchess, consisted of The Majesty Bracelets, a amazing design mix of Brilliant Round and Teardrop stones of Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds, a superb Bib Dropped Necklace crafted of the best Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds set in Brilliant Round & Teardrop shaped stones nestled in a Platinum setting, gorgeous Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds Earrings, 2 sets, one a Chandelier and the other a short dangle style both in a platinum bracket, and a flawless, elegant ring in the same  magnificent Padparadscha Sapphire & Diamonds in a platinum basket setting that boasted a 3 carat Round Brilliant and Teardrop Cut stones, in the ring and on the finger band. The Majesty Jewels is aptly named, she said smiling to her servant, as she pictured herself before the King’s court wearing this most striking set! Get my dressmaker, I must have a dress to match! But before you do….move the mirror a little to the left, so I can see myself better!
The Duke, thinking to himself, she is as silly as one of her cousins, who he heard is rumored to have said “let them eat Cake!  Hmph! Grumbling to himself, must run in the family, as he shakes his head  and orders payment and a raise in taxes!
The Majesty Suite was made in honor of Averil, Miss Virtual World USA 2014.
model and photographer…me
The Majesty Earrings, Ring, Necklace, and Earrings designed by Belle Roussel, Chop Zuey

The Hidden Room

Arcana Antiques  Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_001

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_002

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_005

I always find it really cool to find hidden rooms or spaces, filled with interesting things, such as the space you see here! As you look closely, this hidden room is rather inviting looking with personal items belonging to the owner. The creations from Arcana Antiques & Oddities gives life to this space making it less gloomy and actually a place where you would want to explore. Let’s see what’s here together!

In the far corner, I spy a large Curio Bookcase that houses Insect Specimens, Butterflies! This is a great collection of Butterflies of all kinds and varied colors! That means our owner is interesting in the study of insects. In front of that on the tables and podium, I see our hidden room owner has a really niffy looking Vintage Lunch Box-Stamp Collection Red, they are into antiques, smiling, a Human Specimen of a Heart in a jar, no less! a Animal Specimen of a Crow Skull, under glass, a Antique World Globe II, several books piles of books, and books behind the small landing, and throughout the room, which indicates that they are a voracious reader! The books have such illustrious classic group titles as Stevenson Collection, Novels Collection, Vampire Collection, Medicine Collection, Modern History, Spanish Collection, Horror Collection, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and The Lord of the Rings, they are well read indeed!

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_004

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_007

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_008

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  BOOKS_003

The hidden room owner likes a bit of nostalgia, I note, as there on the landing is a Victorian Music Box, which allows you to select radio stations via a menu! As I hurriedly look around the room, as you do not want to be caught snooping in someone’s hidden room, I see a collection of art upon the stone wall. A Memento Mori Collection of A Dying Man, A Skeleton, A Soul In Purgatory, The Blessed Man, and The Damned. Quite a collection of pictures…shivering! With a loud shriek, next to that, I see a jar of a Human Specimen of a Brain and a Animal Specimen of a Giant Bat! As I look towards the stairs, I see another Antique World Globe III, and a Small Curio Bookcase, with more books. Below that I see a shelf of drugs…I mean herbs! There are Herb Bottles of Basil/Albahaca, Lotus/Loto, Patchouli/Pachuli, and
Mandrake/Mandragora….ooh I know what mandrake is used for, winking!

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  {A} Insect Specimen - Butterfly_006

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  BOOKS_004

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  BOOKS_007

Arcana Antiques & Oditties  BOOKS_005

Overall with the items in this room, our hidden room owner, is one very interesting person! Now it is time for me to leave as I haven’t been caught!

All these very creative, innovative  and awesomely cool items mentioned here can be found at Arcana Antiques & Oddities.

The Items listed below are designed by Arcana Antiques & Oddities’ Morgana Brid


{A} Insect Specimen – Butterfly Fat Pack
{A} Human Specimen – Heart
{A} Animal Specimen – Crow Skull
{A} Antique World Globe II
{A} Classic Books – Stevenson Collection
{A} Classic Books – Novels Collection
{A} Classic Books – Vampire Collection
{A} Classic Books – Medicine Collection
{A} Classic Books – Modern History
{A} Classic Books – Spanish Collection
{A} Classic Books – Horror Collection
{A} Classic Books – Encyclopaedia Britannica
{A} Classic Books – The Lord of the Rings
{A} Victorian Music Box
{A} Memento Mori Collection – A Dying Man
{A} Memento Mori Collection – A Skeleton
{A} Memento Mori Collection – A Soul In Purgatory
{A} Memento Mori Collection – The Blessed Man
{A} Memento Mori Collection – The Damned
{A} Human Specimen – Brain
{A} Animal Specimen – Giant Bat
{A} Antique World Globe III
{A} Herb Bottle – Basil/Albahaca
{A} Herb Bottle – Lotus/Loto
{A} Herb Bottle – Patchouli/Pachuli
{A} Herb Bottle – Mandrake/Mandragora

Hey Gacha Addicts…Enfant Terrible Oh Deer Headbands@Oh My Gacha

Enfant Deer Gacha_002

Enfant Deer Gacha_010

Enfant Deer Gacha_014

Enfant Terrible is at Oh My Gacha until January 31st! Don’t miss out on these adorable deer headbands! I am wearing Miechief Rare Headband…they are just too cute for words!!! I have included the ad for you to see the whole range of headbands you can win!

I am also wearing Enfant Terrible’s, very figure flattering, Phyllidas Gown in Ice and Wayfarers Sandals Light Grey with Silver Trim. I just love how I look!!!

Enfant Terrible Oh Deer Gacha add

.Enfant Terrible. Phyllidas Gown

Wayfarers Sandals ad

Photographer and
Enfant Terrible Ads for Oh Deer Headbands, Phyllidas Gown, and Wayfarers Sandals.

Oh My Gacha Map Address

The Claw


You ever see something and instantly love it? Well I am in love with The Claw. The Claw Boots by Wicca’s Wardrobe called to me! So I decided to build a styling around the boot! Gareth Pugh came to mind and I came up with this look to showcase these fantastic, edgy, avant garde, boots! They are totally sold out at The Couturier’s Dock, but a little birdy told me that they will soon be available in other colors!



They totally rock the look and I am very happy with how the overall styling turned out! My Leather Black Claw Boots have a awesome Black Claw Boots Texture Change Hud that controls the color of the ankles, toe tips, heels, and studs. You can change these colors to Silver, Black, or Gold! My pictures do not do these boots true justice!

Wicca Merlin is a phenomenal influential tour de force within the Second Life Fashion World! Many models try to emulate her, but never reach her level and ability of style! In addition, to making poses, she is now designing! I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with, cause if these boots are any indication, it will be great things! This blogger waits, with bated breath, for your next release! Major Kudos Wicca!

model and photographer…me
The Black Leather Claw Boots by Wicca’s Wardrobe

Introducing My MVW 2014 National Costume, Cleopatra by Enzo Champagne


National Costume Enzo Champagne Cleopatra_004

I remember the day that I nervously messaged the sublimely talented Enzo Champagne of Sparkling Champagne about doing my National Costume, for the Miss Virtual World Contest. I didn’t have much experience at doing contests that is on the exalted level of MVW, which is THE contest of all modeling contests and most recognized for models nor asking famous designers for help.

Being Miss V♛Egypt, I wanted to chose from Egypt’s culturally rich past, for my national costume. I chose Cleopatra VII, as she was beautiful, could charm a ruler and bend him to her will, was highly intelligent, a great strategist, and was always aware that she was a woman…desired!

I communicated all of this, clumsily, to Enzo and he delivered this golden dream worthy of Cleopatra herself! I may not have won the crown for MVW, but he made me look like a queen! A sensual, desirable, and beautiful queen! During the chat during the National Costume Segment, he made me so beautiful that I was being likened to a young Elizabeth Taylor, when she played the extraordinary queen in the block buster movie, Cleopatra! Smiling, I looked amazing sitting upon my litter, as I was carried unto the stage!

National Costume Enzo Champagne Cleopatra_006


The many details of my costume, are superb! Beyond the ladies who love great designs such as this, I can already picture the role-play of the many Egyptian “Queen Cleopatras” in Second Life wearing and loving my National Costume!

From the depths of my heart, Thank you, very very much, Enzo, for my incomparable, gloriously golden, out of this world, Cleopatra National Costume! You are a master designer! My Cleopatra National is the best  in ALL of Second Life and beyond contestation!

This magnificent creation, Cleopatra, is now available for purchase at Sparkling Champagne!

Model and photographer…me
Cleopatra National Costume…Enzo Champagne
Cleopatra Vendor and Store Ads..Sparkling Champagne

The last day of the Peace On Earth Hunt and a lovely Room

POE ROOM 1_005

Poe House_003

T’was the month following Christmas, my true love said to me, undeck the halls, and put away the tree! The Peace On Earth Hunt has been amazing!!! Where has the time gone!!! Today is the last day of the hunt and there were over 200 gifts this year…such generosity! While I was out today, hunters were too, some asking if the gifts were still out where I was and of course they were! I wanted to do a final room with some of the POE6 furnishings to show how lovely they looked together. You do not have to limit yourself to having them out only at Christmas time! I was trying to tell a hunter this, and decided the best way was just to show! The POE designers are among the best in Second Life and made high quality gifts for us all to enjoy and most importantly, to use!

Poe House_004

Poe House_005

Poe House_006

Look how well the room flows has such an lovely warm eclectic look!  If you have no money in Second Life for things, to make you feel at home, just look at the designs within this room. There is still some time left before the end of the day to locate these awesome gifts!

I wish to thank you, Sequoia, for caring enough to have this phenomenal annual hunt each year! You work so hard to bring this to the residents of Second Life and make it look effortlessly! You have no idea how many people you actually help, with the Peace On Earth Hunt! Some people come to Second Life who do not have much in real life, and because of you and the fabulous designers, who give generously of their creations and time, allow people to have dignity and a amazing sense of style, with the beautiful clothes, accessories, furniture, homes, home decor, and so many things that have been part of the Peace On Earth Hunts throughout the years that you and they so unselfishly give! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

This room contains furnishings and decor found on the POE6 HUNT…
eXplicite Designs POE6 BED / Cuddle menu
Holiday Peace Lily ~ Original Art by Special Jewell
..::IDC::.. “Vintage Holiday” Arm Chair [Plum]
[PP] Cottage Dining Table & Decor, rug by An Lema
[Park Place] “The River”
[Park Place] Home and Hearth Fireplace and Candles
Art Deco Xmas Glass Plate, Bowl, and Vase by Melu Deco
MEP Martie’s Elegant Plants
POE6 * Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE
Geniwian ~ Rocking Chair
Peace on Earth Lamp and Table by An Lema
*Dench Designs* POE Sofa
..::IDC::.. “Looking For Santa” Timekeeper Clock
LM Malaspina “Peace on Earth MMXIII” Rococo Cabinet
Christmas Chairs (Red) for PoE6 by PRIME
..::IDC::.. Vintage Holiday Radio and Table
Sway’s Shelf [yin] (with decoration)
Joyus Living POE6 Gift Mesh Harp
Peace on Earth Player Piano by True North Designs
This is as festive as I get Signs, by Nexus Arts
[WS] Wishing Window Christmas by Weekend Salvage

I used my LeeZu Singleroom Skybox and everything looks just like….home!

I wish you all, the best of healthy, to be safe and to prosper in this new year 2014!



Spying On The Rich and Famous




As this newsie trolls the winter vacation haunts of the rich and famous, looking for incriminating pictures to take and sell, spots  desireme Fallen, Miss V♛Egypt, strolling along the beaches of Oahu.  My sources inform me that she is taking a well deserved break after the grueling pace of the Miss Virtual World Contest.  The beautiful model appears to be deep in thought as she walks about the resort. What’s this!  Miss Egypt is wearing Miss V♛Kirabati’s jewelry!!! Let me use my long lens for a closer look! The incredible Sunset on Kirabas Jewelry Suite designed by the famous and fabulously talented, Belle Roussel, of Chop Zuey Couture, for Miss Selina GreyCloud, Miss Virtual World Kirabati, is around the lovely neck of desireme Fallen! Is she hard up and had to part with her exquisite Allegresse Jewelry, also designed by Belle Roussel, and has taken to thievery??? This magnificent suite consists of 2 Necklaces, Bracelet and Earrings made from the finest Manchurian Peridot, the choicest of Japanese Coral, and the best Lavendar Spinel and Diamonds set in Gold. Why is this former beauty contestant wearing her set??  Does Miss Greycloud know her set is missing??? It appears that Ms. Fallen has other talents besides being beautiful! I wanna know, you wanna know, enquiring minds want to know… is this the brewing of a delicious scandal!!!

Photographer and
Sunrise On Kirabas Jewelry Suite created by Belle Roussel, Chop Zuey
Chop Zuey Ad

sunrise on kirabas chop zuey ad