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earthhourinviteAmazing Impressions Modeling AGENCY Presents THE EARTH HOUR FASHION SHOW – 22 MARCH @ 2PM SLT

GRAB the New Designs at the Landing Spot

My Earth Hour Portrait by the amazing Marcopol Oh!

Earth Hour - Desireme Fallen

Atelier Visconti’s Vincent Set @ The March Liaison Collaborative



Atelier Visconti brings us the sophisticated “Vincent”! Vincent is a gorgeous, modern looking set, that has a hud controlled sofa and carpet. The hud offers you a selection of six neutral colors, on each, that will fit into any decor scheme! The amazing tables are marble, with a beautiful veining pattern, upon a stone base. The Circle Wall Art, will make quite the statement upon your walls! The Vincent includes the sofa, side table, low table, table lamp, carpet, vase, and Circle Wall Art.  Wouldn’t you agree, it looks FABULOUS in my new home!


The stylized lines of the Vincent will add a elegantly sleek, trendy, fashion forward look, to any room you place it in! The Vincent, by Atelier Visconti, is available, this round, at the Garden located at The Liaison Collaborative.

The Vincent by Atelier Visconti

Atelier Visconti Ad by Atelier Visconti


vincent set


~ghee~ Mint Spring Pastel Gown at The SAVID Spring Fair


~ghee~ Mint Spring Pastel Gown and Fascinator is now available at the SAVIAD Spring Fair. This gown is walking perfection! The Mint Spring Pastel Gown will hug your body, accenting all that makes us women. It will cling to you, like a besotted amour, giving you the very desired hour glass silhouette that turns heads! It has a sweetheart bodice and a draped shirred skirt that gently traverses to the ground. A sheer wisp of a swiss dotted gossamer overskirt that, enchantingly, encircles the bottom half from the top of the V knee insert to the hem of the gown. The gown is exquisitely adorn with flowers, from mid-thigh, that highlights the gossamer overskirt . The back of the gown is a corset lace up that is accentuated by a pouf of a bow, with trailing ribbons, on the derrière. The way you will look in this gown, will make you memorable to all, who are fortunate to see you! Ladies, are you a Spring or Summer Bride? This gown is also the perfect Bridesmaid Dress!


The matching fascinator is gorgeous! As trends are showing, flowers are all the rage, this spring season and the flower, on this alluring hat, is perfectly balanced and has an attached veil. We all know that veils are sexy and makes the looker want to see what beauty lies beneath! The ~ghee~ Spring Pastel Gowns are also available, in several pastel tones, at ~ghee~’s main store, as well, as at the SAVID Event. Be the beautiful dream, that comes to life, when you wear ~ghee~’s Mint Spring Pastel Gown!


Photographer and

~ghee~ Mint Spring Pastel Gown

Ad by ~ghee~

ghee Ad Spring Pastel Gown

The Lucky With LeeZu Hunt Has Started!!!

Lucky With LeeZu Poster

St. Patrick’s Day brings to mind the luck of the Irish, but here in SL you can be lucky with LeeZu!  At LeeZu we are seeing green all over the store. Lucky four leaf clovers are popping up all over!. Each clover has a special surprise in it.  There will be three clovers containing either Bubble Glam Tights, the LeeZu! Nyar or the Oxford Dress Varient. These three outfits are complete and ready to wear.

But there’s more!!!!  A while back, LeeZu created an amazingly fabulous gown called Beautiful Ann. This gown sells in the store for 1500 L but it can be yours for 40 L only during this contest. Parts of the gown can be found in SEVEN Clovers hidden around the store. Find all the parts and you have the complete gown to wear and treasure. Altogether there are TEN CLOVERS. Find them all and spruce up your wardrobe.

Here’s all you have to do:

Stroll through the store and locate Four Leaf Clovers. Purchase a copy of each one you find for 5 L.  They will be NO TRANSFER so you can’t purchase them for anyone else. Collect all the clovers and you will have three casual items  and one formal gown for a total cost of  50 l.

Drop by the store now and start the hunt for your lucky clovers! The Lucky with LeeZu Hunt runs until March 31st! Happy hunting!!!!


Skin Fair 2014 Preview…..Silken Moon Peach DK Exclusive for Skin Fair



In just a couple of days, one of the most anticipated events will begin…SKIN FAIR 2014!!! The buzz has been hot and heavy about the new releases and we all are just itching to spend those Lindens! One of your must have skins to buy, is Peach DK by Silken Moon! You must stop by Silken Moon and get this exclusive skin! Peach DK is fresh looking, an ingénue innocent with the smoldering sensuality beneath, to be as sophisticated as you desire! She has the delightful touch of a light smattering of freckles across her dainty nose. There is also a tattoo for adding freckles to the body as well! Peach is one of the best skins I have seen, in a while! She came out of the folder looking as beautiful as you see her in the pictures. I have added no makeup, other than lashes, nor have I adjusted any numbers. She came out just absolutely stunning!



Peach has a range that includes 5 eyebrow colors, Black Abs, CL, Nat, Blonde Abs, CL, Nat, Brown Abs, CL, Nat, Dark Brown CL, Nat, CL, and Light Brown Abs, Nat, CL. Also included are Pubic hairs, Slink Feet and Hands Appliers, and Alternative Nips.



Peach DK, Exclusive for Skin Fair 2104 is a true beauty, fresh, innocent, and waiting for you! You will not be disappointed!

See ya at Skin Fair!

Photographer and model….me
Peach Dark, Skin Fair 2014 Exclusive by Silken Moon
Silken Moon Nevermore Look Through Dress
Silken Moon Villaine Domenica Dress

Skin Fair 2014 Is Coming!!!!

Skin Fair Poster 2014

The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 1

The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 2

The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 3

OMG! Skin Fair is almost here!!! There are a few events that I eagerly look forward to each year and Skin Fair is one of them! I wait, like a small child at Christmas time, to see what the latest in skin fashion and trends are unveiled and release, by the creators at Skin Fair! As I walk around, I find myself drooling and can hear my lindens screaming “free me now”!

This year, The Skin Fair will take place from Friday, March 14th, through Sunday, March 30th. The doors will open March 14th, at 12:01am slt. The fair will showcase new and exclusive skins from over 120 of your favorite designers from around the grid. They have been careful to include skins and makeup that would appeal to everyone including men and women, children, fantasy, and even mesh avatars!

The fair covers three sims this year which is good news for everyone because that means more people can shop at once. We will be enforcing a strict script policy at the fair. Please come in as little as possible but as the sims are PG, please make sure that all private parts are covered. Detach all objects that you may be wearing. This will allow for a better shopping experience for all. We suggest wearing system clothes for the event.

To keep up to date on the events of the skin fair, you can join the Pale Girl Productions Info Group. We will be making announcements in that group as well as the Skin Addiction Group. This group will also get a 24 hour early access pass and so will be able to start their shopping on March 13th. Please copy and paste the following link into your SL browser to join the Pale Girl Productions Info Group:secondlife:///app/group/2604ff63-a0ce-16c3-4675-48d760dc5332/about

We are looking forward to an amazing skin fair this year and hope to see you there! Doors will open March 14th, at 12:01am SLT. The location will be announced at a later time. It is sure to be the event of the year so don’t miss it! I will publish land marks to Skin Fair 2014 on the 13th.

Why not join the inworld group for early access! Please remember that there will be a enforcing of a strict script policy at the fair. Please come in as little as possible but as the sims are PG, please make sure that all private parts are covered. Detach all objects that you may be wearing. This will allow for a better shopping experience for all. They suggest wearing system clothes for the event.

The Skin Fair 2014 is presented by Pale Girl Productions & The Mesh Project

The Skin Fair 2014 is sponsored by the following:

Style by Kira
La Petite Morte
Skin Addiction
The Mesh Project
The Lefevre Mansion
Designer Showcase
Loveme Skins
Aeros Avatars
Eternally Yours
Angel Rock
H.O.E. Inc

Here is the list of participating stores in no particular order:

Silken Moon, Divalicious, Apple May, White Widow, VCO, The Shape HQ, Chary, Izzie’s, Glam Affair, Baby Princess, YS & YS, Tuli, Zibska, Bite & Claw, Zoul Creations, Lumae, Amacci, vive9 Fiore, Akeruka, SYS, H.O.E. Inc, PXL, Nar Mattaru, tokyo Girl, Clemmm, PixyStix, morphine, MUA, Fake, Precious, Kooqla, Shakeup, DyVersatile, Rozena, Kokolores, Fashionably Dead, Utopia, Black Pearl, Buzzeri, Swallow, Curious Kitties, RyuuKou, Orage Creations, Moda, Filthy, Zanzo, Egozy, Style by Kira, League, Fresh FX, La Petite Morte, Addy Style, Aeros, The Skinnery, My UglyDorothy, Lara Hurley, Birdy, Nuuna, Red Mint, Glance, Dream Ink, Deesses,White, Adore & Abhor, New Faces, N.M+, BoobieLicious, Nox, Ab Fab, Soiree, Kosh, Nemezi, Rockberry, Envy Me, The Plastik, Shine, Elysium, TSG, Pink Fuel, Adam n Eve, Blush, Atomic, Labyrinth, Esode, VYC, MOJO, ND/MD, deeTalez, Essences, Tuty’s, Eskimo Fashion, No7, Dulce Secrets, Joli, The Mesh Project, Nivaro, Mimi’s Boutique, Iren, Oohlalicious, Clef de Peau, elephante poses, anymore store, Rosy Mood, Logo, Loud Mouth, Skindustrial Bodyworks, Madrid Solo, La Malvada Mujer, YumYums, 7 Deadly Skins, Pink Acid, Okkbye, Razzanova, WoW Skins, blacklace Beauty, Millie Bee, *(00)*YUKI, Jalwa, Eye Candi, Dead Apples, Modish, Mystic Canvas, Nuuna, and Ruby Skins.

The Allure of Noir

Silken Moon Noir_008 adj1

Who can resist the siren call of Noir? Noir is among the latest new releases from Silken Moon. Noir is a black modified sweetheart bodice, with a left shoulder draped sleeve gown. The sleeve connects to the draping across the bodice and back making for a marvelous silhouette! This elegantly sexy form fitted mermaid style gown is flattering to every woman who wears it. The Noir Gown will look like it was melted and painted on you, accenting every curve you possess, as it sizzles down your body into a swirl about your feet. You will garner compliments every where you wear this standout design!

This amazing gown has a fabulous feature, in that, it has a hud! Malicia has given you 8 fantastic choices of textures to adorn yourself in. It’s like have 8 different dresses!!! I am wearing the Paisley Texture, of black and gray, which is number 5 on the menu. I look simply GORGEOUS in Noir!

Why not have yourself a “me first” moment, today, and treat yourself to Noir by Silken Moon!

Photographer and model…me

Noir by Silken Moon

Romancing The Cattlemen

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_003adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_002adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_008adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_007adj1

The Cattlemen by Serendenpity Designs_004adj1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_004adj1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_006ad1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_015

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_013adj1

The Cattlemen's by Serendity Designs_011adj1

Cattlemen's Collection Console_002adj1

Cattlemen is a stylish new collection of western/ranch style furniture by the very talented designer and creator, Kyra Ishtari, owner of Serendipity Designs.

Who said rustic has to be boring! This collection brings the romance to western/ranch design, that will give any room you place it in instant panache, whether that room is located in a Second Life chic mansion, ranch, apartment or hacienda! It will draw you into its allure.

Luxurious, romantic, casual sophistication are words that come to mind when I look at her collection that has been used to furnished this casual family gathering room. From the overhead iron chandelier to the tiniest knick knack horse on the console, it all adds to the amazing drama of the room. The 5 Point Buck Heads on the wall, over the awesome Taos Console Tables, gives a perfect masculine feel to the room that just adds to the ambience  and overall appeal of being in this fabulous space! You just want to come in and make yourself comfortable and have that Apple Martini with the same style and comfort of drinking Johnny Walker, Blue Label, of course!  As you look around at the various furnishing in the room, your eyes naturally gravitate to The Cattlemen’s Sofa that just begs you to sit upon it and stroke the amazing rawhide pillows.The sofa is a multi sit menu with great seating poses. The chocolate brown color of the sofa will hide any sins your SL children may do it!  Under the couch you see the splendid Argentinian Patchwork Rug. Doesn’t, this rug, look just unbelievable under the couch!  The gift from nature of the gorgeous wood trunk table will have you marveling at the beauty and graining of this naturally beautiful, hand crafted, high polished, table.  The obvious pride that Kyra has taken in her designs is very evident!

The Cattlemen’s spectacular  Club Chairs, End Table, Western Room Divider, and Taos Blue Cow Rug, provides an incredible area for a tête-tête or those earlier drinks we mentioned, while you enjoy your down time. The little details and interest, that have been incorporated into her designs  displays, her desire, that she want your second life abode to seem just like home!  As you pan around the room, you see the stunning art work on the walls, such as Boots in Blue, Skulls and Calico Roses Print, and Bison at Sunset. They provide the pop of color in the space that adorns the adobe walls of the Santa Fe Home.  The Southwest Inlaid Nesting Tables are perfectly placed under the Calico Roses Print, bringing color and shape to that area. Next to the nesting tables you see and hear the Singing Finch. Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of birds chirping away!  At the other end of the room, you will find the high quality and handcrafted Cattlemen’s Collection Shelves that displays various what nots and books on it. It has been accented with dried steer skulls, (my camera couldn’t get them to rezz, no matter what I tried. Gotta love Second life!). Placed under the shelves is the Leather Shag Rug. I just want to curl up on it and twirl the little shag pieces between my fingers, smiling!  I took a separate shot of them really up close so you can see the details. Upon the back walls of the room, I placed the really nice black Shabby LaLa Candle Sconces. I just love her accents pieces!  In the room you see the Three Houseplant Set and the Tropical House Plant. Plants add life to a space and is a great decorating accessory and I couldn’t resist adding them into this decor!  I just had to include a shot of the striking fireplace that I placed a plant on! Its a just too beautiful not to have a picture of. It is part of the Santa Fe Home.

Handing you your favorite drink, I hope you have enjoyed your visit!  Everything you see in the pictures, including the Santa Fe House, are from Serendipity Designs!  Ya’ll come on out and pay her a visit now, ya hear!


All Furnishings  and The Santa Fe House by Serendipity Designs

Serendipity Designs -Cattlemen’s Club Chair
Serendipity Designs – Taos Blue Cow Rug
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s End Table
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Western Room Divider
Serendipity Designs – 10 Point Buck
Serendipity Designs – Taos Console Table
Serendipity Designs – Shabby LaLa Candle Sconce
Serendipity Designs – The Cattlemen’s Sofa
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Coffee Table
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Argentinian Patchwork Rug
Serendipity Designs – Cattlemen’s Collection Shelves
Serendipity Designs – Leather Shag Rug
Serendipity Designs – Bison at Sunset
Serendipity Designs – Boots in Blue
Serendipity Designs – Skulls and Calico Roses Print
Serendipity Designs – Singing Finch
Serendipity Designs – Southwest Inlaid Nesting Tables
Serendipity Designs – Three House plants
Serendipity Designs – Tropical Houseplant