Boho Fabulous by Serendipity Designs


Serendipity BOHO SET_009 rs2

The Pouf and gaily topped End table were placed outside for a nice seating area on the porch.

Boho styling, for home decor, is still hot and going strong! I do not think it will ever go out of style, because we love to mix and match patterns, use different accessories that do not necessarily go together, display things that mean much to us, and color…we love to use lots of color! Boho, which is short for Bohemian gets its inspiration from India and Morocco influences. There are many styles of Boho, such as Gypsy, Indie, Hippie, Bohemian, Hipster, to name a few and is quite easy to do, layering fabrics, colors, and throwing in a bit of art like creator, Kyra Ishtari, owner of Serendipity Designs, has done with her latest design “Boho Fabulous Living Room”!

Serendipity BOHO SET_007rs4

The colorful patterned Sofa and Flutterby Wall Art, and side draped End Table.

Serendipity BOHO SET_008 rs3

The beautiful Papasan Chair and Screen.

Serendipity BOHO SET_006rs6

The delightfully covered Coffee Table with accessories and the glorious Oriental Rug.

The Boho Fabulous Living Room Set, I have, has a Oriental Rug, Flutterby Wall Art, Screen, Papasan Chair, Sofa, Pouf, 2 End tables, and a Coffee table. I just love her use of color patterns, for this set! An amazing mix of decor, most definitely!

I was asked, once, why  I never  use a small space to decorate, as many have small homes, similar to the Linden 512 size. So I took Boho and put it in a small space. It looks boholicious!!! Kyra has taken unique accessories, patterns and textiles, bold/muted colors, and art, and mixed it. The style’s looks completely effortless and unplanned! This is hard to achieve, but she has done it! Her use of unique things, such as the water pipe near the table, is unexpected but totally fits the vibe! Nothing matches in this grouping of furniture, as though it was just thrown together, yet it looks so cohesive and desirous as a set! That is a awesome talent to have, in decorating, and Kyra has this in abundance, as you can see! Boho Fabulous is a very eye appealing, eclectic, chic bohemian look!

Serendipity BOHO SET_001 rs1

Why not get your Boho mojo going and visit Serendipity Designs!


Boho Fabulous Living Room Set by Serendipity Designs


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    There are simply no words that I can add to what Desireme Fallen has written in her gorgeous blog! I could hug and kiss her for it! Love love LOVE it!

    April 7, 2014 at 4:55 pm

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