Casting Fun with Paisley Daisy


I entered a casting that had an art theme and thought how fun it would be to use Paisley Daisy’s “Eye Love You” Dress. Now you know with a name like that, the dress is bound to be fun to wear and style! The dress, as designed, is sleeveless. I added some striped sleeves from an old role-play day gown, from 4 years ago, to the dress and loved the looked. I put on a favorite pair of shoes of mine, “Wrapped Heels” from Enfant Terrible and really loved how they looked with the dress. As you can see, Eye Love You, is a playful, colorful, eye catching, artsy dress. You will have as much fun wearing it, as I do! Its a head turner!!!

Eye Love You Dress is from a new line, The Art Dept. Collection, by Paisley Daisy. Art based clothing is a new trend, on the runways, that is getting hot! Be in the current, when you wear Paisley Daisy’s Eye Love You Dress!!!

Model and photographer…me
Eye Love You Dress by Paisley Daisy


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