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Ebbe confirms: “we’re working on a ‘next generation’ platform” (with audio)

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Back in October 2012, I was pointed to an interview with former Lab CEO Rod Humble in Gamesbeat, in which he talked about the Lab’s (then) new products, the Lab and Second Life. In reviewing that piece, I picked up on a statement that Linden Lab is “still investing in 3D virtual worlds.”

Rod Humble first hinted that the Lab is looking at virtual worlds beyond SL Rod Humble first hinted that the Lab is looking at virtual worlds beyond SL

In the middle of the comments following that article, Rod himself popped-up to reassure people that the Lab was (and is) still committed to Second Life. In this comment, he also acknowledged the use of the plural – “virtual worlds” – stating:

My comment about also investing in virtual worlds is correct. As you know I don’t like to detail things until we are close to something actionable, but we absolutely are investing in the large virtual world space…

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Art In Hats Event 2014 Featuring FINESMITH’s Paradise Headpiece


Arts in Hats 2014 is in full swing! The hat designs and wall art images are amazing! As I walk up and down, among the various genre of hats and their accompanying picture images, which are also for sale, separately, if you just wish to purchase the stylized portrayed image of the hat design, I am continuously impressed, over and over again, by the talent of the artists, photographers, and designers associated with this event! , so come on over and come often, to purchase, these simply incredible works of art!


I am simply in a state of “paradise” wearing the FINESMITH’S Paradise Headpiece created, exclusively, for the Art in Hats Event. Just take a look at this exquisite design…no!! As it is truly a work of remarkable art! The graceful bend of the branches, that are adorned, as if by nature, with dainty small floral blossoms, that have been intertwined for a dramatic display of delicate and bold colors striking the perfect harmonic balance, as if put there by the hand of God. As your glaze travels downward, your eyes are treated to the feast of mixed larger and smaller blooms, that have opened to reveal their beauty, which have additionally, been arrayed with precious hanging jewels across the forehead, near the ears, and among the lower branches. It is just simply beautiful, as though a fairy waved her magic wand to have it glisten and shimmer with jewels. You will put yourself, in your own euphoric state of paradise, when your purchase FINESMITH’s Paradise Headpiece!

The amazing dress I am wearing is named Rosy, by GizzA. It was created, as an exclusive, for the past Love is In the Air Event, A Valentine Day Event. It is a most stunning gown!

model and photographer…me
Paradise Headpiece by FINESMITH for Arts in Hats 2014 Event
Rosy Gown by GizzA

Additional information about the event can be found at this link, on my blog

Your limo driver awaits to take you to the event below

ART in HATS 2014 Opening Poster


She bathes in Beauty…Featuring Sea Mist by Chop Zuey


When a pampered woman’s private world surrounds her in decadent, sumptuous, luxurious, ambience why would she wear anything less than Chop Zuey? As she lingers, she thinks how wonderful the warm water of her bath feels, and catches a glimpse of herself in, Sea Mist, by Chop Zuey. The Sea Mist Suite is created from only the most expensive Kalahari Diamonds and the rare Blue Abalone Shell, set in pure 24 carat gold settings. The stunningly exquisite earrings, necklace, and bracelet will add to your beauty, whether dress or au natural. You will, find yourself, inventing excuses to show it off, during long sultry days and nights of summer!  Just imagine your sun kissed bronzed skin, wearing these pieces…smiling, perhaps it will be all that you wear!


When you wear only the can only assume that it’s Chop Zuey!

Chop Zuey’s Sea Mist, was exclusively created for the Summer Fashion Festival (SFF). Your silver shadow and driver awaits you below to drive you to SSF or to the Chop Zuey Main Store!

model and photographer…me
Sea Mist Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet, made as a exclusive for Summer Fashion Festival, by Chop Zuey

The amazing Art Deco Bath,  was made by the phenomenally talented, Edward Ballinger

Edward Ballinger Art Deco Bath


Fashion For Life 2014 Featuring ghee Color Change Spike Gown


Where has time gone!!! In less than 2 days the spectacular Fashion For Life 2014 Event will be over! Time is really flying, so be sure to stop by today, and check out the amazing 10 sims. There is so much to see and the selection of the exclusives made for the event will have you salivating and opening your purse, time and time again! Please, be generous, as we all are affected by the rages, pain, and death that cancer brings. So spend, spend, and SPEND! It is all for a worthy cause!


One of the very talented designers, from the event, is ghee! ghee has wowed us with the electrifying, color changing, Spike Gown. I was mesmerized, as I watch the play of colors, that changed, on the collar, bodice, and skirt. The gown is fitted mesh, meaning that the gown will fit to your shape. The ensemble consists of the neck collar, spiked cup corset, and the slim fitted skirt, that hugs your hips tight and  flares out towards your knee. You will definitely make an entrance, in this innovative gown! You must purchase this gown, as my pictures cannot do it justice. I have never seen anything like this, gown, in Second Life!  When you, purchase this fantastic gown and look at yourself, in this gorgeous Spike Gown, by ghee, know that others will see your outer beauty, but you will know that your true beauty is within. Be color chic in ghee!

Fashion For life 2014, ends at midnight, on June 20th.

model and photographer
FFL 2014 Spike Color Change Gown by ghee

ghee is located on the Trek Sim and the land mark is below. Once you land, just click it again to be taken to the front of the store.

If you would like more information on the Fashion For Life 2014, please click the below link.


Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

Fashion For Life 2014 Featuring LeeZu’s Bon Bon Long Dress


If you have not made it over to Fashion For Life 2014 Event, you have just 2 more days to see the awesome 10 sims and to buy the amazing, exclusive designs made for the event. Fashion For Life 2014 and all associated with it, have put in considerable time, effort, creativeness, and their love of fellow human beings. Being in Second Life, it is a world removed, from our own and we use it to escape the stresses of everyday life. We look beautiful, never age, and look healthy. However, the human being, behind the lovely or handsome avatar, could be suffering from some form of cancer, or dealing with a love one who is.  Please show your support, of this very worthy, live saving cause.  Fashion For Life 2014 ends at midnight, slt, June 20th.

Fashion For life has so many very talented designers, who have created such tempting, special, clothing, poses, accessories for us! Let me introduce you to one of them. LeeZu Baxter. LeeZu has made the Bon Bon Long Dress, as one of her exclusives for FFL. This dress comes in Black, Cream, and Yellow, as pictured. The dress is just perfect for a sultry summer day, events , gadding about Second Life, shopping, which of course, is our national pastime! The easy casual air to it, will still have you leading the pack. The modified V-neck dips low enough, in the front, to show you have “girls” but still leaves something to the imagination! The midriff, double cut out, will expose your beautiful tan skin, giving a little navel action to boot! Yellow is such a summery color, you cannot help but to look anything but a summer beauty, in this tri colored Yellow dress, with the half moons of patterned slate Blue-Green, outlined in Black.  The dress gently puddles at the feet.  You will make, such a pretty picture of summer chicness, when you wear the Bon Bon Long Dress by LeeZu! You will be beautiful, on the outside and inside, as you are supporting a wonderful worthwhile cause!

Photographer and model…me
Long Dress, by LeeZu, for FFL 2014

LeeZu Store, is a Champion Sponsor, and is located on the Parade Sim. When you land, just click the land again, to be taken to the store. Your Limo to Parade is …

if you wish information on the Fashion For Life Event, please click the link below.

Fashion For Life 2014 Sign - with Champions

ART IN HATS 2014 EVENT Featuring alpha.tribe::: Orientalist’s Delight


The Art in Hats 2014 Event is here!!!! OMG…it’s Christmas time for hat lovers! Everywhere you turn there are amazing, unique, avant-garde, whimsical, whatever style you can think of hats, here!!! This event, that is the first of it’s kind, to marry the adornment of hats and the love of art together into one fantastic, not to be missed, event. The inspiring hats, are also featured in amazing wall art, that can also be purchased! You must go and see these and buy buy buy! Don’t be like I was last year, and have buyer’s remorse! The Art in Hats 2014 Event will run until July 31st, so go grab these exclusive creations, while you can.

As I run amok, like a kid turned loose in a candy store, among these stunning and striking creations, it’s so hard to settle on just one to blog! The latest design to give me a hatgasm, is alpha.tribe::: Orientalist’s Delight. I had to fan my own self, as this jaw dropping, extraordinary, hat is TO DIE FOR and a must have for those of you, who are bold and want to be looked at!!!



This starling, incredible design consists of 2 parts. The varied paisley, floral and patchwork textures are blended beautifully into this huge wearable piece of glorious art for your head! There is a caravan of elephants that circles around the hat and that of a small open pavilion tent, that is topped with a black star. The elephants and the fabric lined pavilion tent, are on a multi-colored large base, that has a scalloped fabric draping festooned by black flowers, with hanging triangles accents. I tried this hat on, with so many items from my inventory, that it just went so perfectly with everything! I settled on this look, that I had combined several designs to make, and was WOWED!!! I had to run back to the Event, as I wanted the “about the hat” notecard. While there, I had received a couple of compliments on this fantastic hat. I also ran some errands, to Collabor88 and to the arcade. There were so many cross hairs on me, and people complimenting this hat, that I was so glad I hadn’t change, and of course, I told them about the event where it could be purchased! I will be using this hat, in my modeling career, as it is attention grabbing and avant-garde chic! Plus, everyone who knows me, knows I love hats!

Thank you, Alpha Auer, for this OH MY GAWD HAT!!! I REALLY LOVE THIS HAT and so will everyone else, who sees it! This hat is unisex, so everyone can  BUY IT!!!!

Photographer and
alpha.tribe::: Orientalist’s Delight Hat by Alpha Auer, available exclusively at the Art in Hats 2014 Event

About the Hat Designer

Alpha Auer is one of the Second Life avatars of Elif Ayiter, who is a designer and educator, as well as the editor in chief of Metaverse Creativity, a peer reviewed academic journal with Intellect UK. Alpha is the CEO of the SL fashion store alpha.tribe and has participated in several SL exhibits, such as “SychroniCity,” curated by Marc Moana and “Further Along the Path” curated by Bryn Oh. Together with MosMax Hax and Selavy Oh she has co-authored the” LPDT2/3″ series of sim wide installations that were based upon Roy Ascott’s concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. Both LPDT2, as well as LPDT3 have been exhibited at international, curated art exhibitions such as ISEA2011, the 2010 multimedia festival at Tomorrow City, Incheon, Korea. More recently, along with Bryn Oh, Nessuno Myoo, Jo Ellsmere, Soror Nishi and Eupalinos Ugajin, she has built and created avatars for the Russian Avant-garde exhibition held in April 2014 in Moscow.

Information about the Art in Hats 2014 Event can be found here…

Your limo to the event, can be found here….

ART in HATS 2014 Opening Poster

FASHION FOR LIFE 2014 Featuring Paisley Daisy’s Chasing Summer


Have you been to Fashion For Life 2014 Event yet? There are over 10 awesomely designed sims full of amazing designs creations exclusive to FFL! Please come and show your support of this very worthwhile, life saving cause! Fashion For Life, will run until, midnight, June 20th. So get your shopping mojo on and come on over!

One of the simply fantastic designers, who has lent her immense talent and creativeness, to Fashion for Life, is the Queen of Sheer, Joeylin of Paisley Daisy! Joeylin has created, the divine “Chasing Summer“. Chasing Summer is a floral pattern, Mint Green, Olive, and Lilac colored textured 2 piece silk ensemble of a crop styled belly baring top, with V bodice straps that descends, in the back, into 2 wider spaced straps, that are adorned with detachable Lilac and Green flowers. The slim fitting, high waist skirt, shimmers delicately, down the body, into graceful folds at the feet. The top’s hem edge, waist, and hem of the skirt are adorn in Lilac. The gown is exquisite! It is perfect for those summer events and galas that pepper our summer agendas, and in this case…just what the doctor order for a private tête-à-tête! Smiling, wear this exclusive FFL design, from Paisley Daisy, you will be the one “chased”!

model and photographer…me
FFL 2014 Chasing Summer by Paisley Daisy

Take the below limo to Paisley Daisy, located on the Amble Sim. When you land, click the landmark, once again, to teleport directly to the front of Paisley Daisy FFL Store.

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

For information on Fashion For Life 2014, please click this link…


Art In Hats 2014 Event Featuring…Sailing to Byzantium Fascinator by Chop Zuey


Last year, this spectacular and very talented lady, Belle Roussel, introduced her Watermelon Fascinator, at the phenomenal, ground breaking, first ever,  Art in Hats Event! Belle, being the fabulous designer she is, did not disappoint, ( like she could ever!!!), with this year’s exquisite presentation of her “Sailing to Byzantium Fascinator“! Belle drew her inspiration, from her love of the poem, of the same name, Sailing to Byzantium, by William Butler Yeats, thus giving us her wearable love and joy, personified, in the Sailing to Byzantium Fascinator.  Here is the poem that launch the fascinator of dreams…

That is no country for old men. The young
In one another’s arms, birds in the trees
—Those dying generations—at their song,
The salmon-falls, the mackerel-crowded seas,
Fish, flesh, or fowl commend all summer long
Whatever is begotten, born, and dies.
Caught in that sensual music all neglect
Monuments of unaging intellect.

An aged man is but a paltry thing,
A tattered coat upon a stick, unless
Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
For every tatter in its mortal dress,
Nor is there singing school but studying
Monuments of its own magnificence;
And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
To the holy city of Byzantium.

O sages standing in God’s holy fire
As in the gold mosaic of a wall,
Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre,
And be the singing-masters of my soul.
Consume my heart away; sick with desire
And fastened to a dying animal
It knows not what it is; and gather me
Into the artifice of eternity.

Once out of nature I shall never take
My bodily form from any natural thing,
But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
Of hammered gold and gold enamelling
To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;
Or set upon a golden bough to sing
To lords and ladies of Byzantium
Of what is past, or passing, or to come.

This stunning fascinator, is a sail boat upon turbulent waves of Blues, Purples, and Red, with it’s gem encrusted sail of Kalahari Diamonds and Aquamarines, facing forward from the jeweled blaze of the sun, richly decorated in Garnets, Padparadscha Sapphires, Kalahari Diamonds, and inspirational words. It’s side emblazoned with “Sailing to Byzantium” and the mast topped off, with a star formed, from the Kalahari Diamond.What I get from Belle’s breathe taking work, is to celebrate life through art. Art bears witness to the past, the present, and our future! Thank you Belle, for this awe inspiring creation, which you can purchase at the awesome Art In Hats 2014 Event, which runs until July 31st!

As you can see, this beauteous sailor celebrates life by taking her plane…smiling, it’s much faster!

model and photographer…me
Sailing to Byzantium Fascinator by Belle Roussel, Designer and Owner of the fabled Chop Zuey Couture
I am wearing GizzA Marine Outfit-Navy

Information on the Art in Hats Event can be found here….

Your sail boat to the Art in Hats 2014 Event is launched here….


Sailing to Byzantium Fascinator



ART in HATS 2014 Opening Poster


ART in HATS 2014 Opening Poster

After the great success for the première last year ART in HATS – HATS in ART the art and fashion event is back and this this on a higher scale as full sim event:

More than 80 artists worked together for largest and most exciting hat event that Second Life ever has seen. Enjoy more than 100 hats, headpieces and images taken with them.


OPENING June 14th at 2 PM SLT feat. Morlita Quan

PHOTO CONTEST for all visitors. Create your own hat design!

FASHION SHOW June 21st at 2 PM SLT
This is a slightly different show – Everyone is a star!

HAT AUCTION of One-of-a-Kind pieces in favor of Feed A Smile

THE MAD HATTERY CLASSICS – Get some great designs for only 10 Linden!



Art and fashion meet in hats. Good hats are art to wear and subsequently many artists love to create fantastic hats. Fashion designers often show an explosion of creativity in hats. Hats turn to fashion with the styling.

The basic idea of the exhibition is to bring designers, artists and photographers together in an art exhibition / sales event by presenting hats built by artists and fashion designers in combination with photos. The photos are meant to be an art shot.

Hats and images are to be sold or are given as freebies. One of a kind pieces are sold in an auction.


22769, Aliza Karu, Alpha Auer, AmandaMir, Amona Savira, Annough Lykin, Aurora Mycano, Awesome Fallen, AyaShula, Baoba, Barbara Wardell, Betty Tureaud, Bianca Xavorin, Bliensen + MaiTai, BSD Design, Burk, Bode, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Caitlin Tobias, Caoimhe Lionheart, CapCat Ragu, Cherry Manga, CHOP ZUEY, cold Frog, Couture Chapeau, Dido Haas, Elysium, Eupalinos Ugajin, Falbala Fairey, Finesmith, Freyja Merryman, Fuschia Nightfire, Gladys Ruby, Gypsy Couture, Hatters’n Hell, h.m.a.e.m., Hexe Jie, JessMcHope, Kikas Babenco, Kynne Llewellyn, !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!, LODE Headwear, Louly Loon, Lybra, Maloe Vansant, Melusina Parkin, MEB, Meilo Minotaur, Mina Nakamura, Moya, naminaeko, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Noke Yuitza, Paradox Messmer, Paris METRO Couture, Porcelain Decay, Rawr, Secret Rage, Shimmer, Sina Souza, Sonatta Morales, Sparkie Cyberstar, Spyralle, Stone’s Works, Syra Hyun, [sYs] design, Telchar Elf, The Mad Hattery, Tik Merlin, Trill Zapatero, Vivienne Darcy, Wicca Merlin, Wizardoz Chome, WuWai Chun, Xen’s Hats, Zanze


OPENING June 14th at 2 PM SLT featuring Morlita Quan

PHOTO CONTEST for all visitors. Create your own hat design!

FASHION SHOW June 21st at 2 PM SLT
This is a slightly different show – Everyone is a star!

HAT AUCTION of One-of-a-Kind pieces in favor of Feed A Smile

THE MAD HATTERY CLASSICS – Get great designs for only 10 Linden!



Exhibition/Sale/ Auction will be open from June 14th until July 31st.


Quan Lavender is blogger, curator of the Art India Gallery (currently on hiatus) and member of the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) committee. (
Emma Portilo is well known as event organizer, stylist and journalist. (
PotPourri Markets, known for yearly events like Pumpkin Town and Furry Fair (

Please contact Quan Lavender or Emma Portilo

The Days of Summer…..Featuring Fashion For Life 2014 Kaerri’s Kazimir Beach Collection Wear


Fashion For Life 2014 is a must see event and benefitting such a worthy cause! Everyone one of us know someone who, at one time or been affected by the effects of cancer, either personally or a loved one. Please show your support, for this event. Much work, has gone on, behind the scenes, by so many unsung heroes, who main objective is to help fight the disease of cancer! Fashion for Life, which runs until June 20th, is the oldest Second Life Fashion Event, which showcases some of Second Life’s best designers and creators! This year event has more than 150  fabulous designers of clothing, accessories and poses! The event is spread across 10 sims. So, please, come, buy, and have a wonderful time!

Kaerri Rae, one of the best furniture, home decor, and stage designers, I have the pleasure to know,  has now launch her exciting clothing line.  It is making it’s debut at Fashion For Life 2014! It is a glorious black and white collection, of casual elegance. The Kazimir Beach Collection is understated sophistication, that will get you through the many moments of your day spent outdoors loving and living life! I have on, the Kazimir Black Tank Top, Classic Beach Shorts, and carry the Kazimir Black Bag. I am the picture of walking poshness, yet relaxingly comfortable, in a look that will take me, beautifully, to the beach, out to lunch, shopping, or to a private assignation.

The Black Tank is an asymmetrical one shoulder, modified slanted V slashed tank top, which looks delicious on for those sultry sunny days of summer.  The Classic Beach Shorts are cuffed, front single pleated, wide hip waist banded 6 button detailed, loose fitting shorts, that you will find yourself reaching for time and time again. I just love them on and how well they fit with the tank! What can I say about the bag, other than a handful of fabulous!

Do come and buy the sophistication of a glorious summer, when you purchase from The Kazimir Beach Collection, by Kaerri Rae….you will not be disappointed and will be supporting a great cause!

Photographer and model…me
Kazimir Black Tank, Classic Beach Shorts, and Bag…by Kaerri Rae for FFL 2014

Kaerri is located on the Wander Sim

For more information on Fashion For Life 2014, please click on the link below


Kazimir For FFL - Please Read

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster


Helpful Information for Getting Around the Fashion for Life 2014 Sims

Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

I thought it would be helpful, to you, to have the SLURLS for the various FFL Sims and stores landmarks, for the sims they are located on. Once you land, at the main teleport location, double click again, your landmark, to get to your desired store location.

FASHION FOR LIFE is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

All the stores participating have exclusive items that are sold only at the FFL site and all sales of these items go to RFL charity.  So come now and enjoy shopping while you contribute to RFL!

The event runs over 10 sims and it is open till June 20, midnight SLT.

Have fun shopping and supporting a very worthy cause!  See ya there!

Sim Slurls:

Store Locations:
Moondance Boutique
PurpleMoon Creations
[[ Masoom]]
1 Hundred.
Glitterati by Sapphire
Paisley Daisy
* Amaranthus *
Kharanee’s Clothing
Living Imagination

Lapointe & BastChild
Tres Beau
Artizana Ethnic Couture
Milky House
.::Distorted Dreams::.
Girl Thursday
Glam Dreams Stores
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Rainbow’s Custom Jewelry
Sabra Style
Sascha’s Designs
Rainbow’s Custom Jewelry

~The Library~
Silk Dreams Fashions
DressMe Designs
Gypsie Chic
Leri Miles Designs
MEB Fashion
Petit Chat
Solange! Fashions
{{BSD Design studio}}
Pure Poison
Prism Designs
Resun Fashion Designer
sf design
B&W Design – Quality Fashion
Girly Stuff
Lili’s Couture Collection
Poet’s Heart
Sweet Thing.

KL Couture
Alexandra Sautereau Collection
envyme mainstore
Roots & Wings Gallery
Wetherby’s / Womanity
Body Canvas
Legal Insanity
Center Ville Maison
Sweet Distractions

FBD Fashion
((Crystal Line))
*+Crie Style+*
KaTink Poses and More…
Positure Poses
::: Krystal :::
[ free bird ]
Nya’s Shop
Rams Wear
.:JUMO:. Fashion

Deluxe Body Factory
Ahn-Ji Footwear
Damselfly Hair
Designs by Sebastian
Energie Footwear
Pixel Passion
Sundaara Designs
Wild Serenity

Mon Cheri
Black Tulip
Yasum Design
.::WoW Skins::.
{NanTra} Poses
**BN designs**
~ Mystic Sky ~
Kastle Rock Couture
Orage Creations
Xen’s Hats
Bare Rose
Bliensen + MaiTai
Baboom Couture



For more information on Fashion For Life, please check the website at the below link


From The Sea…. Featuring Fashion for Life 2014 Lyrical B!zarre WAVES


Fashion For Life 2014 is off to an awesome start! Many people have lent their considerable phenomenal talent, time, and support to make this the best event in support of Relay For Life! Fashion for Life, which runs until June 20th, is the oldest Second Life Fashion Event and features the amazing creations from more than 150 designers of accessories, poses, and clothing, across 10, you must see, sims! Please show your support to those who are most vulnerable among us, as cancer knows no boundaries, no race, gender, nationality, country, or status.

One of the fabulous designers, I have the honor of featuring, in this post, is Lyrical B!zarre! Lyrical’s fanciful, enchanting WAVES is a creation of wearable aquatic art! It is a beautiful, innovative 2 piece ensemble of skirt and top. The Peach, Brown, Butter Yellow, Aqua, and Blue, ombre shaded colored, cropped belly style top, has a exaggerated modified, lightly gathered V-Neckline, in front and back, on a close fitting bodice. The modified Butterflies Sleeves, of this top, is smooth fitted at the armhole, and then delicately flares out, widely, at the sleeve’s Butter Yellow and Peach hem edge. The top’s edge is outline in the delightful shade of the Aqua color.

The full length skirt is, masterfully, done in a slight gradual fading of the Aqua color into the Blue of the Water and back into the Aqua, at the hem of the skirt. Attached you see many of the sea creatures that are found, in the ocean depths, as they swim, merrily, among the fanciful four waves of the skirt. This stunningly striking skirt hem edge, is too, itself a wave! A must have!

Pleasure show your support and buy this 100% donation winsome, gorgeous design from Lyrical!

Lyrical B!zarre Templates is located on the Excursion Sim
Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Photographer and
FFL 2014 WAVES by Lyrical B!zarre Templates

For more information on Fashion For Life, please check the website at http:/

For more information on Relay For Life, please check the website at

Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life Campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will through June 20th, Midnight SLT.


Fashion For Life 2014 Poster

Living Large in Second Life….. Featuring Quantum Luxury Homes

The Roma_031 adj

The Roma_001 adj

The Roma_029 adj

The Roma_003 adj

The Roma_005 adj

A home, for many, whether real life or Second Life, announces to the world who you are or who you want to be! Well, for you movers and shakers, Second Life Rock Stars, hip hop royalty, Basketball/Football League Players, Fashionistas, Recessionistas, Divos & Divas, high rollers, and those of you with class, a major house design has arrived upon the grid!

There exists a luxurious experience of dwelling, that will boast with much elegance, style, and major swag, that you have arrived, without you even opening your mouth or your publicist issuing a statement! Whoever said that money cannot buy you happiness, has not seen this grande maison!

The Roma, by Master Builder, Cain Maven of Quantum Luxury Homes, is your passport to living large in Second Life! This home, even empty, gives serious bragging rights, to it’s owners! Let me start off by describing some of the amenities of this home.

The Roma_024 adj

The Roma_036 adj

The Roma_023 adj


The Roma_038  adj

The Roma_033 adj

The Roma, boasts 28 rooms, some of which are two large suites with anteroom, bedroom, and en-suite bathroom, Junior Suite with anteroom and bedroom, three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, Kitchen, Reception Room, Front Room, Dining Room, Study, Living Room, Great Room, Family Room, Breakfast Room, Game Room, Conservatory, Bars, Movie Theater, Indoor/Outdoor Pools, Laundry Room, Huge Domed Foyer and Two Car Garage.

Some of the Features of The Roma are…

• Main patio with two swimming pools
• Side patio with bar
• Five fireplaces
• Animated poses in showers, bath tubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen stools, pool seats, and theater seats
• Full set of appliances in kitchen
• Running water in taps
• plus the ever present Mr. Duck, who is found in all of the Quantum Homes.

This home is immense, as will be your ego, with pride of ownership! The prim count for it is 1354 and 1233 if you take out the kitchen, bathrooms, and movie theater items. The size is 115 sqm x 87 sqm. I put it on a 1/4 parcel sized Beach Sim. The recommended parcel size is 1/4 full region or a full homestead.

Now mind you, moi, does not have an ego, but when I saw this mansion, I felt myself walking with a serious attitude of “umhm..this is me…I live autographs please” and, smiling, wondering where my butler was! The mansion is simply dropped dead, gorgeously amazing! Because The Roma has so much to offer, I have taken pictures of what made it special to me and had me wiping the drool, from my lips!

The Roma_040 adj

The Roma_012 adj

The Roma_016 ajd

The Roma_007 adj

Do you have a large SL Family? You can go days and not see the most irritating of your relatives, in this home, as they will never want to leave this extravagant dwelling! Frequent drop in overnight guests/groupies, huge parties and events, will be no problem in this sexy domicile. This home was made for entertaining!

My pictures do not do this mansion justice, so you must make a trip to Quantum Homes, to see for yourself this magnificent home and experience for yourself the ambience of this truly stunning mansion.

The Roma_021 adj

The Roma_019 adjRoma_010 adj

Looking at the home, you will be impressed with the statement, it makes, upon arrival. Just imagine what your guests will think and say when they come to visit! This home is even large enough, and easily adaptable, to holding real life conference meetings in too!

I took pictures of the grand entrance to the home. My camera just could not capture the OMG effect, that I had  entering the home! I included pictures of the side appendages of the mansion, where the huge attached 2 car garage is located, that is on the side of the paved courtyard that enters into the pavilion for  covered outdoor entertaining! The spaciousness of the courtyard is very evident as you walk through the breezeway to it as you make your way to the sumptuous outdoor wood paneled, marble top bar. The other picture is on the conservatory entry side of the home.

Once inside the home, your eyes are treated to the grandeur of the entry hall, that has an engagingly arresting copper/brass fountain nestled inside a decorative colorful hand painted floor design.  The to die for, double circular staircase, that leads upstairs and to the entrance of the home theatre.  This is one glamorous home theatre with comfortable seats, large wall TV screen!  All you need to add is the popcorn machine and a candy counter to enjoy hours of watching movies and other programming! The Theater Screen is a web browser that you can use to view websites in Second Life. You can configure any number of channels (i.e. websites) and easily flip through them.

The chef of your family or employ, will give you their undying gratitude for having such a fully applianced attractive kitchen to work in. I really love this kitchen and you will too!!!!

I didn’t include any pictures of bedrooms, as Cain’s bedrooms are legendary! I did include a picture of a walk in closet! I am a serious shoe collector in real life and here in second life! I squealed like a pig, when I saw the walk in closet and all that space!

My next series of pictures are of the pool area! The pool is beyond compare for a private home! It is an outdoor/indoor pool. You can open the sliding doors on both walls of the room, for more access to the walk way and to the other outdoor area of the pool. I have never seen a home, in Second Life, with such a killer pool area. If any of you have ever visited The Hearst Castle, this will be the modern version of one of the Casa’s pools! It is no less grand and so sophisticated looking! Can you say pool party!!!!  I can see the dj now and all the beautiful people around these pools! As you can see, the house has many balconies, including two inside the home, just outside the pool area!  Look at that hot tub spa area and its greenery!!!  You can sit, on starry nights, and watch the small fire, or relax after a hard day inside the very generous size spa tub. At night, it has such an alluring appeal, as it looks so pretty and inviting!

The last series of pictures are of the indoor conservatory. Plants add so much to a home’s ambience, but to have an entire area, is such a luxury! The sliding door entrance takes you into the conservatory that also has a bar area. As you  enter, the area, you see a really awesome wall fountain. You can add more plants here, and make a lovely indoor garden! There is so much space, that your ideas of what you can do, with it, is unlimitedless! The last picture, is because I love the arches throughout the home. Mr. Maven’s use of palladium windows, arches, and marble columns, puts this house over the top!

There is a saying of “go big or go home” and it is so obvious, that Mr. Maven took that to heart! This is one of the best mesh homes, I have seen in a long time! It also shows that he listens to  his customers, as many of the items, in this home, have been requested and desired by his customers! He has placed so many details, in this home, that has to be seen, in person, to be appreciated. This is a design that shows the commitment of its designer, to the care and comfort of his customers. People will definitely wonder who you are, when they see you living in such opulence!

Please come out and see The Roma, by Cain Maven of Quantum Luxury Homes. It will blow you away!



The Roma…designed by Cain Maven and sold through Quantum Luxury Homes

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