From The Sea…. Featuring Fashion for Life 2014 Lyrical B!zarre WAVES


Fashion For Life 2014 is off to an awesome start! Many people have lent their considerable phenomenal talent, time, and support to make this the best event in support of Relay For Life! Fashion for Life, which runs until June 20th, is the oldest Second Life Fashion Event and features the amazing creations from more than 150 designers of accessories, poses, and clothing, across 10, you must see, sims! Please show your support to those who are most vulnerable among us, as cancer knows no boundaries, no race, gender, nationality, country, or status.

One of the fabulous designers, I have the honor of featuring, in this post, is Lyrical B!zarre! Lyrical’s fanciful, enchanting WAVES is a creation of wearable aquatic art! It is a beautiful, innovative 2 piece ensemble of skirt and top. The Peach, Brown, Butter Yellow, Aqua, and Blue, ombre shaded colored, cropped belly style top, has a exaggerated modified, lightly gathered V-Neckline, in front and back, on a close fitting bodice. The modified Butterflies Sleeves, of this top, is smooth fitted at the armhole, and then delicately flares out, widely, at the sleeve’s Butter Yellow and Peach hem edge. The top’s edge is outline in the delightful shade of the Aqua color.

The full length skirt is, masterfully, done in a slight gradual fading of the Aqua color into the Blue of the Water and back into the Aqua, at the hem of the skirt. Attached you see many of the sea creatures that are found, in the ocean depths, as they swim, merrily, among the fanciful four waves of the skirt. This stunningly striking skirt hem edge, is too, itself a wave! A must have!

Pleasure show your support and buy this 100% donation winsome, gorgeous design from Lyrical!

Lyrical B!zarre Templates is located on the Excursion Sim
Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Photographer and
FFL 2014 WAVES by Lyrical B!zarre Templates

For more information on Fashion For Life, please check the website at http:/

For more information on Relay For Life, please check the website at

Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life Campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will through June 20th, Midnight SLT.


Fashion For Life 2014 Poster


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