Fashion For Life 2014 Featuring LeeZu’s Bon Bon Long Dress


If you have not made it over to Fashion For Life 2014 Event, you have just 2 more days to see the awesome 10 sims and to buy the amazing, exclusive designs made for the event. Fashion For Life 2014 and all associated with it, have put in considerable time, effort, creativeness, and their love of fellow human beings. Being in Second Life, it is a world removed, from our own and we use it to escape the stresses of everyday life. We look beautiful, never age, and look healthy. However, the human being, behind the lovely or handsome avatar, could be suffering from some form of cancer, or dealing with a love one who is.  Please show your support, of this very worthy, live saving cause.  Fashion For Life 2014 ends at midnight, slt, June 20th.

Fashion For life has so many very talented designers, who have created such tempting, special, clothing, poses, accessories for us! Let me introduce you to one of them. LeeZu Baxter. LeeZu has made the Bon Bon Long Dress, as one of her exclusives for FFL. This dress comes in Black, Cream, and Yellow, as pictured. The dress is just perfect for a sultry summer day, events , gadding about Second Life, shopping, which of course, is our national pastime! The easy casual air to it, will still have you leading the pack. The modified V-neck dips low enough, in the front, to show you have “girls” but still leaves something to the imagination! The midriff, double cut out, will expose your beautiful tan skin, giving a little navel action to boot! Yellow is such a summery color, you cannot help but to look anything but a summer beauty, in this tri colored Yellow dress, with the half moons of patterned slate Blue-Green, outlined in Black.  The dress gently puddles at the feet.  You will make, such a pretty picture of summer chicness, when you wear the Bon Bon Long Dress by LeeZu! You will be beautiful, on the outside and inside, as you are supporting a wonderful worthwhile cause!

Photographer and model…me
Long Dress, by LeeZu, for FFL 2014

LeeZu Store, is a Champion Sponsor, and is located on the Parade Sim. When you land, just click the land again, to be taken to the store. Your Limo to Parade is …

if you wish information on the Fashion For Life Event, please click the link below.

Fashion For Life 2014 Sign - with Champions


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