Ktaba Maia Yacht Launch Party Today


Today is the launch of the Maia, which will be held at 1:00 pm slt, on Sat., 8 November at Eden Tern.  There will be a party, and inaugural races after the launch, gifts, and a general, all-around good time.  Come on out for a great event and time!

Some information on the, from her amazing and very very talented creator, Craig Ktaba

I believe sailors will be quite pleased with Maia, as she is an improvement on her already-excellent sister ship, Vanya. Some new things you will find on Maia are: raise & lower sails individually, “balance” of the ship responds to which sails are raised, manual or auto-rudder, improved seating machine, more efficient/ less laggy algorithms. One of the more positive reports I received from my beta testers involved a recent race of large boats, in a very laggy Blake Sea, where two Ktaba J-Class yachts finished a race in which every other boat crashed, and two J-Class and one OP60 finished in another race where every other boat crashed – and these were boats that did not have the reduced-lag algorithms I just mentioned above. Sailors will be happy to know that all these improvements will be migrated back to Vanya, in an update that will follow shortly after Maia’s launch.

I hope to see you at the launch Party!

Your yacht to the event

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