How to Trounce a Diva!


Ever wanted to walk into a room and have it part like the red sea, knock out a divo, push aside a fashionista, and trounce a diva? Enter the room wearing Ghee’s Black Ice Gown and all will hail the queen! This stunning gown was created by Ghee’s Co-Designer, Beatrice Serendity, for MISS V♛ ARGENTINA 2015, Trinity Aironaut. You, in this spectacular gown, will incite envy in those who see you and, obviously, do not posses your great taste and sense of style! The gown has an optional train and is now available in 5 colors. The fine Organza Silk of the gown, has been augmented with many Swarovski Crystals which shimmer and shines and has more bling than 50 cent, the rapper! The sleeveless bodice has a beautiful décolleté that flows into a tight fitted waist that billows out into a gentle, flared, floor length skirt. What a gown to make an entrance in!


The holidays are now upon us! Many festive events are happening, and of course you are invited and you don’t want to show up in just any old run of the mill type of gown! Own the room and be red carpet sharp and ready to assume your throne in the exquisite Ghee’s Black Ice Gown. Oh… and watch out for the jealous cats’ claws…meow meow!!!

Photographer and
Black Ice Gown…by Ghee
Corazon Triomphe Black Headdress by Chop Zuey

Your vintage Rolls Royce




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