Just Me and my Blacklace


I was listening to a group chat, the other day, and a lady said she didn’t have anyone to wear her sexy lingerie for and was saving it. Why do we think we have to save it for someone else’s appreciation??? As I go about my time, in Second Life, and have the luxury of a free day of leisure, to be in my home, I love to wear my beautiful lingerie, just for me!


Since I am not expecting my guy, I am at home in my Blacklace’s Miss Snow and white stockings. This delectable, sweet little number is so femininely appealing with it Blue Snowflakes upon a soft White satiny fabric.  It is utterly adorable! There are many options for wearing included and I have chosen the full bra and lace trimmed and inset thong panty, in the first picture and have donned the 3 tiered ruffled matching Snowflake Skirt, that accents my back assets deliciously. This delicate set also includes a cape, that I have thrown over my shoulders for a bit of extra warmth and sex appeal. I am just utterly yummy in this, don’t you agree!


No one makes lingerie like Blacklace! As you know Blacklace makes appliers for just about all major brands in Second Life and includes many options of wear, for your perfect combination of wear. If you want the best, to feast your eyes upon and those of anyone else’s…wear Blacklace!


Never forget to dress to impress yourself…you are worth it!  I wish I could show you the amount of cams and ims I received wearing this!!!! You never know who else is watching….smiling

Photographer and model..me
Miss Snow by Blacklace

Your sleigh to Blacklace



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