How to get a great Valentine Gift!


Valentine Day will soon be upon us! Let’s be honest, we all want to have major bragging rights on that day, on what our loved one gave us. Why not invite your heart of hearts out for a leisure cruise on the waters of the Blake Seas. Welcome him abroad your yacht, wearing nothing but Blacklace Spring Fling. Imagine you, as captain of the yacht, in such a fetching look of stockings, bra, garter, and panty in Ice Blue!  See the desire in  his eyes, as he watches you masterfully handle the turbulent waves. Hear the appreciative calls of passing boats and land lubbers alike, which will make his heart swell with pride, as you belong to him.


Blacklace Spring Fling, come with many sultry combination of wearing this beautiful set, as well as every major applier you can think of. The Ice Blue color is very complimentary to every skin tone.  You will be quite the sight, upon your vessel of love, on the deep blue seas and one he won’t soon forget!


To get a great present, one must give great presents. Start yours by giving him a day to remember, wearing Blacklace Spring Fling upon the high seas of Second Life.

Photographer and model…
Spring Fling by Blacklace




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