SNEAK PEEK PREVIEW Featuring WTB Elisabeth Outfit


Are you more a casual dress person than a more formally dressed one?  Just because you are, more casually inclined, does not mean you need to go around in sweats and leggings all the time. WTB Elisabeth Outfit is a perfect example of being casual, but chic, comfortable yet gorgeously turned out!

This ensemble consists of the vibrant gathered waist, semi-fitted, silky and so very soft looking, Velour Mia Magenta Pant, that flows beautifully down the leg. The striking Renee Dark Roses Top is a multi-colored, floral midriff style top, with a taupe flounced V-neck style collar accented with a thin looped bow and flounced edge sleeves. The designer has made a completed outfit, for your pleasure and convenience, that includes, A Gold dropped style Heart and Diamond Earrings, collar style Heart and Diamond Necklace, which are shown and pumps and bracelet that are not. How convenient is that! No hunting for shoes or jewelry to match, when it is already included!


So next time, skip the sweats and legging and put on WTB Elisabeth Outfit, for a look that will definitely get you noticed for you great sense of style! Available at the January/February 2015 SNEAK PEEK ROUND.

Photographer and model…me
Elisabeth Outfit by WTB

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

Your limo awaits…



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