A Work of Art…Featuring GizzA Absinthe for The Black Fashion Fair


I feel like a work of art in GizzA’s new Absinthe Dress and Leggings for the Black Fashion Fair. Since you cannot see below me, smiling, yes I am on a pedestal!!!! Laughing, my man friend (he’s too old to be called a “boyfriend”) says I belong on one! Absinthe is available both as a dress with leggings and as a dress. Absinthe’s inner dress lining can be color changed either to a vibrant color or pastel hue with a touch of the Texture Changer. Absinthe is a striking strapless, asymmetric hem, modified A-line silhouette dress, with beautiful lines. The leather of the skinny pant is so supple looking, that you want to reach out and run your hand along it’s butter soft richness!

The Absinthe Black is made exclusively for the Black Fashion Fair that starts April 17th and will open at 1 pm slt. It will close at 4 pm slt, on May 1st. Be a work of art wearing Absinthe in Black!

Photographer and model…me
Absinthe Black…available exclusively at the Black Fashion Fair


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