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The Gossip Column….Featuring Sonatta Morales Voil

MY HEDDA HOPPER LOOK WITH LAYAGO HAT_006 This is Hedda Hopper reporting on the going ons of the rich, infamous, and the clueless! It has been noted that a certain drunken socialite, who has had one drinkie poo too many, has been seen, more than once, at the famous Mercury Room, cooing up to a certain actress’ husband! She actually made it into the room, upright, this time, and still clothed, wearing the renown fashion designer extraordinaire, Sonatta Morales’ Voil Gown!



The exquisite sheath gown, with its strapless sweetheart bodice, is just the gown for this very tipsy socialite to be seen in…by his wife! The statuesque beauty, was heard to say, that her new amour, had the gown sent to her. This little columnist was told he sent it to two others too, one of which, his wife is starring with, in her latest film!


It has a beguiling horizontal striped pattern with a diagonal triangle stripe overlay that creates an amazing optical graphic pattern, as well as, the most desired hour glass shape. A sumptuous feast for the eyes, indeed! The, to die for, back flowing panels, adds a flair of dramatic femininity that cannot be beat!

My little darlings, it’s this reporter’s opinion that someone will soon be on the train to be reno-vated, and marry her new checkbook… or should I say, her clueless amour! Note to current wife…start thinking about your alimony!

This gorgeous dress is hot from the runways of PENUMBRA and now can be purchased at the PENUMBRA Fashion Week Retail Area.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE, the incomparable, breath-taking designs of the Doyenne of Second Life Vintage Fashion, Sonatta Morales!!! Sonatta, who designs represent the BEST of Second Life Vintage Fashion encompasses the period from the roaring 1920 Flapper through the socialite/femme fatale of the 1950s. Her collections contains day looks to drop dead, get out of my way, glamorous evening wear! Her vintage collection is filled with great, amazing detailing, colorful, bold, textures, and unique silhouettes that are desired by vintage aficionados, Downton Abbey Fans, as well as, the 21st century modern woman. She continues to create timeless classics and set a high benchmark for the virtual vintage fashion designers to come.

Fun Facts…

Hedda Hopper was a very flamboyant, outrageous hat wearing, popular gossip columnist from the 1940s to the 1950s. Her sharp wit and vicious tongue sweetened the coffee of 32 million people who started their day out with her column or listening to her various radio broadcasts. She was so feared, as she could make or break your career, that when she purchased her mansion in Beverly Hills, She christened the home “The House That Fear Built”!

Back in the 1930’s to the 1950s if you were rich and reno-vated, that was slang for you were going to Reno, Nevada, to obtain a divorce.

Photographer and
Voil Gown, Exclusive for PENUMBRA Fashion Week 2015 by Sonatta Morales

First Picture
LaGyo Vessel headpiece Custom Peacock Mustard
LaGyo Starry Gold Veil

Direct your driver to here…

and have him take you here afterwards…


I can’t wait!!!!


ss15 final
Fuzz Lennie, COO, .PENUMBRA.

The Sim will be open on May 16, 2015

May 5, 2015 – Today, .PENUMBRA. announced the full schedule of shows for their Spring Summer 2015 fashion week, May 16 – May 23. The week features many new elements not seen before in fashion week. Along with runway shows on weekends, mid-week shows will be trunk shows which will designs from many of the designs seen throughout the week in  a more intimate atmosphere. There is a special “Surprise” Trunk Show featuring designers who are participating in Sneak Peek.  Finally, the closing show is Bridal themed with amazing designs from some of SL’s best designers.

SHOW 1    – Runway Show
Saturday, May 16, 2015        10:00 AM
Lybra, JUMO Fashion and Beauty, Ever An’Angel

SHOW 2    – Runway Show
Saturday, May 16, 2015        12:00 PM
LaVian, petit chat, Rayne Couture

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The Belly Dancer in me…Featuring Hippie Life by BN Designs


Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I was flipping through hundreds of channels and couldn’t find a thing to watch, lol. Well I found a very entertaining Belly Dance Spectacular dance program to look at. OMG…the many styles of belly dance intrigued me to no end, especially the Tribal American Fusion. It was exotic, it was fabulous and very entertaining to watch. So when I noticed Hippie Life by BN Designs, I could not resist and wanted to make and have my own tribal look.

B & N DESIGN_011

Hippie Life, features a colorful, zigzag patterned skirt that is accented with a purple ruffled flounce at the hem’s edge. It has a Silver Medallion attached string belt at the waist. The Purple Bandeau Bra is adorned with a lighter purple ruffle trim at the top and lined with silver medallions edging the bottom. I love the look! Hippie Life, is very versatile, for many looks, like Boho, Hippie, Gypsy, role play, and just great casual wear, to name a few! Hippie Life by BN Designs, is available, at this round, of Sneak Peek until May 5th.

B & N DESIGN_013

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

photographer and model…me
Hippie Life by BN Designs for Sneak Peek

Follow the tribal beats to Sneak Peek
sneak peek log red

Be Ready for Summer with Loovus Sua…Available at Sneak Peek

Loovus. Sua Skirt  Almond j

Among the gorgeous offerings from Loovus, for this round of Sneak Peek, is Sua.  The summer chic Sua is a skirt and top set, done beautifully in the ombre hues of Almond. The crop style top has cap sleeves, asymmetric hem, and bares your tone stomach and the gentle curve of your waist. The amazing skirt, is artistically draped, on the sides, and puddles, gently, at your feet. Such a romantic look!

This set will be available at Sneak Peek, until May 5th. Hurry and grab this and other Loovus’ summerlicious  offerings!

Loovus Elemental Collection adLoovus Bound Heels ad

Loovus is synonymous with stylish sophistication, and always in tune with cutting edge trends. It is a brand with a strong personality, sexy, unconventional and with a powerful contemporary theme which makes it immediately identifiable and popular with Second Life Fashionistas.

Penumbra takes a giant leap forward and moves ahead to provide us with the SNEAK PEEK of trends to come, an exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event that will put YOU, on the fashion forefront!! Shopping stores, shoes, jewelry, mesh clothing.

photographer and model…me
Sua by Loovus at Sneak Peek, until May 5th

Your limo to Sneak Peek

sneak peek log red

What a Cheap Date…Featuring Ghee Vintage Floral Summer Dress


You know you are on a cheap date, when Daddy-O runs out of gas, at the gas station, and asks YOU for bread!!! I realize this being the 1950’s, gas is only 50 cents a gallon, but good golly Miss Molly! While I wait for my heroe who is a zero, to scrounge up some dough, I check my makeup and know that this classy chassis won’t be walking home! I have on my new dress from Ghee, Vintage Floral Summer. It is a really pretty, retro, tea length, sleeveless, narrow wing style notched collared dress. It has a slim fit, to the belted waist, and flares out, into a full skirt, that falls into realistic looking, flattering folds, just above the ankles. The dress has a hud that controls the textures of the dress, collar, and belt, all of which can be changed independently for tons of options for customizing your look. You will feel so ladylike in this gorgeous vintage dress!

Smiling and spitting out my gum, I didn’t get all chrome plated for nothing, patting her curls….here comes a NEW greaser now!

Vintage Floral Summer Dress by Ghee is available for 245L at the Garage Fair until May 10th. It will be placed in Ghee’s main store, when the fair has ended, for full price.

Ghee Vintage Floral Dress - Garage Fair Exclusive 30% discount

Model and photographer…me
Vintage Floral Summer Dress by Ghee, exclusive for Garage Fair

Your Black 57 Chevy to Garage Fair

ghee ss15 logo